Morgan M.

Junior, BS in Management Engineering & MS in Management

Morgan has always had a great imagination and sense of curiosity, elements that made her a perfect fit in WPI’s smart and inquisitive community. Her fascination with science led to her experiencing an interactive space simulation at a young age, which in turn encouraged her to reach out to the entrepreneurs starting a new simulation center in her hometown and land a job as the Student Director at 15 years old.

Morgan’s passion for innovation continues to this day. She is a Student Advisor with WPI’s Foisie Innovation Studio (FIS), which has inspired her to go further into untraditional STEM education and consider earning her PhD in a field related to innovation and entrepreneurship, with a future goal of perhaps coming back to WPI to teach some day.

Morgan Mitchell

Park City, UT

Faculty Mentor
  • Arthur C. Heinricher, Dean of Undergraduate Studies
  • Diran Apelian, Alcoa-Howmet Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Finding her current major and realizing it’s her true passion
  • Getting a standing ovation after her final presentation to the Foisie Innovation Center Board of Trustees
  • Being on the Executive Board of the Student Government Association and being made President of the Graduate Student Government
  • Being a Community Advisor for two years
  • Graduate Student Government & Student Government Association
  • Foisie Innovation Studio Design Committee
  • Co-host of Slice of Pi (Admissions Series)
  • Alpha Xi Delta Women’s Fraternity
  • Travel, photography, camping, and reading

Junior, BS in Management Engineering; MS in Management

My days are busy but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love everything I do at WPI – it keeps me passionate, involved, and challenges me to become a better person. I wouldn't trade it for the world.
If you are interested in the STEM industry but don't just want to sit behind a computer as a career everyday, WPI is for you.
WPI’s project work is really rewarding and it really sets us apart. We learn how to work with people and how to communicate, and we’re prepared for the real world because we’re already used to facilitating our own pace of work.
WPI has become my home away from home. Moving 2,500 miles away for school was really hard, but because of my friends that have supported me through everything, I love it here.