Nicholas C.

Senior, BS in Civil Engineering & Society, Technology and Policy & Minor in History

Nicholas has definitely learned a thing or two about time management at WPI. Being able to graduate with two majors and a minor is no small feat, and it took Nicholas a lot of extra hours not only in the library, but also outside the classroom to make sure that the course sequence he designed was doable.

Outside of his academics, he also makes time to be a big part of the WPI Water Polo Club, which was created by two students during his junior year. Nicholas recently helped successfully coordinate the first WPI Water Polo tournament, which hosted five other teams from the region, and he even helped bring home WPI’s first win in the sport in his position as goalie.

In the future, Nicholas hopes to tack on one more degree by pursuing a master's in Regional Planning at either Virginia Tech or UMass Amherst, and to one day become an urban planner.

Nicholas Campbell

Alexandria, VA

Faculty Mentor

Suzanne LePage, Director, Sustaining WPI On-Campus Project Center and Instructor/Lecturer, Civil & Environmental Engineering

  • Graduating with two majors and a minor because of the amount of work it took to organize and fit everything in
  • Successfully coordinating the first WPI Water Polo tournament with the help of the WPI Water Polo team
  • WPI Water Polo Club
  • Canstruction Club, a worldwide competition where teams design and build structures completely out of cans of food
  • Intramural sports
  • Sustainability on campus

I’m an early riser, so I’m usually awake about two hours before my first class begins.


I head back to my apartment after morning classes to I can grab some lunch and complete a few assignments before I’m back at campus for afternoon classes and lab time.


After dinner, you can find me alternating between doing homework and playing video games.


My day ends with water polo practice – the team has become probably the most important thing to me during college. I love the fact that a group of students can come together and make their own club and then compete and host events within two years of existence.

Professor LePage has been instrumental in the development of my passion to be an urban planner when I graduate, and I will always remember the many lessons I have learned from her.
Explore everything you can at WPI, especially club sports and off campus IQP opportunities. These two facets provided me with the most fulfilling and enjoyable moments during my career here.
The club sports at WPI are phenomenal, and they receive a lot of support from the school.
WPI graduates have a fundamental knowledge of how to learn and solve applicable problems in the real world in a manner that is best for the environment and all stakeholders.