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Paige M.

Senior, BS in Mechanical Engineering

For Paige, the project-based curriculum at WPI has impacted her education since day one. During her very first term in freshman year, she worked in a team to create a key-guiding device through rapid prototyping with the opportunity to 3D-print a working prototype. Not many other schools give brand-new students these kind of irreplaceable, hands-on experiences.

Since then, she has completed projects involving everything from SolidWorks, computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) program, to music – and sometimes a combination of both at the same time.

Her most recent project experience, in which she completed her IQP in New Zealand, has had the biggest impact on not only her education, but also her outlook on life as a whole.

“Although I have tried, it is impossible to put into words exactly how such an amazing adventure has impacted me,” says Paige. “Living and learning on the opposite side of the world is a life-changing experience that I will cherish forever.”

Paige Myatt

Norfolk, MA

Faculty Mentor

Ken Stafford, Associate Teaching Professor, Undergraduate Studies
Robert Kinicki, Professor, Computer Science

  • Learning to appreciate every class I take
  • Helping form the WPI community as an RA for freshmen for two years, allowing her to have a direct impact on new residents and helping them succeed
  • Resident Advisor
  • Guerilla Improv
  • African Percussion Ensemble
  • Trustee Mentor Program
Professor Ken Stafford’s passion and outlook on life really shaped the way I approached my college experience.
My favorite thing about WPI is the people and the community they form.
Courses become so much more enjoyable when you are passionate about the material. When you care more about learning the material than you do about getting a good grade, the grade will follow.
WPI graduates stand out from their peers from other schools because we can work in teams.