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Rosemarie D.

MS, Data Science

Fall 2018

Project Sponsor
Findability Sciences 

Our team had five team members and we were looking to address a problem in which we would create automated libraries for acquisition, import, analysis, and cleaning data. This was important to reduce the time of data cleaning. 

I feel the experience with industry is the most valuable experience from this GQP class as it offers projects that are not trivial to work on. It gives good real-world experience to projects and provides students with more concrete projects to work on that will have an impact on the company with which you are working. 

Rosemarie Day headshot

Torrington, Connecticut, USA

Faculty Mentor

Professor Fatemeh Emdad

The most important thing I got out of WPI was the experience from the GQP and how it related to the work that I was doing in other classes.
I felt that the tools and lessons learned in my classes were well utilized in my GQP project.