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Sebastian Rodriguez '20

BS, Business

Getting involved on campus provided Sebastian with the opportunity to connect with so many people, leading to some of the best lessons and experiences he he's had at WPI.

“Since coming here as a freshman, every single term has gotten better,” he says. “So many people here are willing to give and help without expecting anything in return.”

And Sebastian has found his own ways to give back. He's been a senator in the Student Government Association, a Resident Advisor, a Crimson Key Tour Guide, and served as a student representative on the Provost Student Advisory Committee. Heis involved in a number of other professional organizations and student activities, from WPI Toastmasters to the Ski & Snowboard Club to the Student Support Network.

He credits much to his positive outlook. “I am living the dream every single day no matter what happens. It's all about perspective … I feel so happy because I am working toward what I want in life, what I actually, truly want. And all the small things in the day, from helping people to learning from others, is what makes the big difference”.

After graduation, Sebastian hopes to continue helping others through coaching, speaking, and training on topics ranging from personal/professional development, to motivation, leadership, health, and nature.

Sebastian R.

Miami, FL

  • Senator, Student Government Association
  • Residential Advisor
  • Crimson Key Tour Guide
  • Recruitment Leader/Judicial Board, Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity
  • Student Representative, Provost Student Advisory Committee
  • Being outdoors and participating in sports
  • Physical activity
  • Learning about leaders
  • Living a vegan lifestyle
7:00 AM

Go to breakfast at the Morgan Dining Hall and talk with the friendly staff while I get my food. I eat a huge plate of fruits and bowl of oatmeal every morning as I listen to a personal development audio from various thought leaders.

8:00 AM

Go to my first class

10:00 AM

Workout/Train through various exercises from calisthenics, weights, machines, Plyometrics, Yoga and Kenpo.

12:30 PM

Eat a great vegan lunch with random people I’ve never met before or other RA's.

2:00 PM

Go to more classes

4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Go to team meetings or extracurricular activities I might have that day. Then I would do individual homework.

7:00 PM

Go to dinner!

8:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Respond to emails, messages, notifications, etc. and read

9:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Then I would get ready to go to bed by checking in on my family, reflect on my day in my journal, etc.

[WPI] has given me the chance to experience how the real world works.
My faculty mentors made me open my eyes more to the opportunities the world offers.
Another reason I love my life at WPI is there really is never a typical day, things are always different and they change!
[WPI graduates] hit the ground running when we go to whatever we choose to do after we graduate because we usually are doing those things already while we are students at WPI.