Sunny Sang N.

Senior, BS in Biology and Biotechnology & Minor in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Sunny Nguyen appreciates WPI’s project-based curriculum not only because it has given her the opportunity to work with different people all across campus and develop her leadership and people skills – it helped her choose a career path.

Sunny completed her IQP in Costa Rica with the Chamber of Industries on the topic of ridding harmful chemicals hidden in old refrigeration equipment. Because of that experience, she has decided to pursue her master’s in Environmental Engineering after graduating from WPI. She would then like to volunteer in the Peace Corps, working to bring fresh water and sustainable living to communities, and eventually pursue a PhD to fulfill her aspiration as an international worker with the United Nations.

Sunny Nguyen

Rumford, RI

  • Developing the necessary skills to enter the job market confidently
  • Completing IQP in Costa Rica with the Chamber of Industries working to rid harmful chemicals from old refrigeration equipment
  • Making friendships and connections with a diverse group of people

  • Vietnamese Student Association
  • International Student Council
  • Alpha Gamma Delta
  • Alpha Phi Omega
  • WPI Women's Rugby

My first class of the day is Immunology. I’m working on a group project where we are assigned a case study (this week it is Chronic Granulomatous Disease) and are asked a question meant to be presented in a professional conference.



Attend a weekly meeting for the Vietnamese Student Association (VSA). Right now, I’m helping plan our D-term events like Pho Night, where we serve the WPI community with traditional beef pho, bubble tea, and vegetarian spring rolls.


Rugby practice! We play lots of different women's teams from local colleges, like Wellesley, MIT, and Boston College.


Bring a few friends along to the latest cultural or networking event offered on campus. I try to attend as many of these as I can; most recently it was the Black Appreciation Dinner.

My biggest advice to new students is to take advantage of all the opportunities available at WPI, especially the Career Development Center, Student Development Center, and the Finding Your Majors course as a first-year.
I love WPI’s community and small campus. Everyone is kind and friendly and understanding, as they are going through the same process as you.