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Susmitha W.

PhD, Data Science

Whether she’s in a classroom or lab (her favorite place on campus) or at a project team meeting, Susmitha appreciates being surrounded by others who are as enthusiastic about data science as she is. The interest and excitement her mentors and peers show for areas such as machine learning and text mining elevates her own work and helps her develop strong personal and professional bonds. “I have been very fortunate to work on research projects with people who are driven and very passionate about what they do,” she says.

Presenting and publishing her work at STEM education conferences such as IEEE Integrated STEM Education Conference (ISEC), MA STEM Summit, and National STEM Education Research and Practice Summit establish her credentials in the field and also give her excellent professional development opportunities.

Working on two distinct but related projects, Susmitha explores her interests and expands her knowledge while making changes that have immediate impact. She works on Seeds of STEM, an innovative early childhood STEM curriculum project that brings her into Head Start classrooms to work with children and teachers. “Observing the impact of the high-quality STEM curriculum on the little children was incredible and the most rewarding experience,” she says. “Being a mother of two kids, this experience further strengthened my view on introducing STEM education to children early on.”

Susmitha plans to continue her research path and would like to share her knowledge by teaching in an academic setting in the future.

WPI PhD student

Shrewsbury, MA

Faculty Mentor
  • Elke A. Rundensteiner, professor and director of data science program
  • Mia Dubosarsky, director of professional development, STEM Education Center, and PI of Seeds of STEM
  • First place, GRIE 2018, for Data Science, Cybersecurity, and Computer Science
  • Finalist, GRIE 2017
  • Finalist, GRIE 2016
  • Member of Data Science Research Group
  • Member of Seeds of STEM research project
  • Toastmasters
I feel like I come alive when I am on WPI’s campus. The vibrant energy that floats around is contagious. It keeps me going.”
With my involvement in the Seeds of STEM project, I have gained knowledge and experience in conducting education research in a real-world classroom setting.”
Both of my mentors are a constant source of inspiration for me to aim and achieve higher goals.”