Whitney D.

Junior, BS in Biochemistry (Pre-Med) & Minor in Spanish

Whitney plans to specialize in pulmonary medicine, and she feels that WPI’s project-based curriculum gives her a huge head start for med school. “I’ve learned to work with so many different personalities and take on so many different roles here,” she says. “I’m prepared for anything you can throw at me.” Whitney also took her first trip abroad to work on an Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP) with the MarViva Foundation in San Jose, Costa Rica. “We gathered important data to help sustain Costa Rica’s marine life, and I had the chance to use my Spanish for the first time outside the U.S.”

Whitney Davis

West Hartford, CT

Faculty Mentor

Drew Brodeur, Associate Teaching Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry

  • Insight Program Community Advisor
  • Crimson Key Tour Guide
  • Committee on Academic Operations (student representative)
  • Charles O. Thompson Scholarship
  • Mu Sigma Delta Pre-Health Society
  • WPI Dance Team
  • Alpha Phi Sorority
8 am

Nothing like starting the day with an experiment. Amino acids and dialysis this morning.

11 am

Biochem 2 lecture. More amino acids. I understand our lab results much better now.

1 pm

Lots of good options for lunch, but I must have the vanilla ice cream cookie sandwich for dessert.

4 pm

Great discussion on financial aid policies at CAO (Committee on Academic Operations) meeting.


6 pm

Just enough time for dinner before Dance Team rehearsal. Perfect way to end the evening.

I didn’t want to fall in love with a campus unless I’d been admitted. But WPI fulfilled all my hopes—I got in and I fell in love with the school.
The community is close-knit, and we get involved in a mind-blowing array of outside interests and activities. No question, these are the best years of my life.
Thanks to WPI, I’m comfortable in any role that makes my team successful. I can’t emphasize enough how much you will grow here—beyond just getting smarter.