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Whether helping a friend work through a crisis or educating your peers about drugs and alcohol, there are countless ways for you to put your leadership skills to the test while also helping to make your peers aware of important issues around them.

Active Minds @ WPI

The members of Active Minds work to raise awareness on campus and reduce the stigma associated with mental health issues and concerns. Members host movie screenings, panels, guest speakers, and stress relief activities during final exams. It’s easy to join—simply attend an event or one of the many open meetings, and join their mailing list to stay up to date on events and elections. Contact Sabrina Rebecchi for more information.

Students Mentoring Active Responsibility Together (SMART)

The students involved in the Student Mentoring Active Responsibility Together (SMART) organization educate their fellow peers about alcohol and other drugs through programs, trainings and collaboration with other student groups to bring awareness to the issues of alcohol and other drug use in our community. Other topics that are included are harm reduction active bystander intervention, and how to help a loved one who may be struggling with substance abuse. Contact the Student Development and Counseling Center for more information. 

Student Health Advisory Council

Members of the Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC) advocate for health needs across campus, and educate and encourage students to make wise consumer choices. SHAC members also travel to relevant conferences and sponsor health-related events on campus such as smoking cessation programs and a student health fair. Contact the Student Health Center with questions or for more information.

Students Preventing Assault and Rape in our Community (SPARC) 

The students involved in Students Preventing Assault and Rape in Our Community (SPARC) educate their peers through programs, trainings and collaboration with other student groups to bring awareness to the issue of sexual violence in our community.  These programs are designed to prevent sexual assault, relationship violence, sexual harassment, and stalking.