Chartwells at WPI is happy to accommodate students with food allergies and other dietary concerns.  A dedicated area at Morgan Pulse on Dining Marketplace (POD) called SPACE (Special Product Allergen Controlled Eating) provides a variety of non-allergenic foods in addition to a toaster and microwave oven used solely for gluten free foods to minimize cross-contamination.

Students wishing to utilize this area should contact Shavaun Cloran, Registered Dietitian, at or 508-831-5144 to arrange a team meeting with our Food Allergen Trained Staff, WPI Health services, Residential Services and Disability Services, as appropriate, to arrange accommodations (navigation of the dining hall per nutrition concern, special recipes etc.) suiting the student’s specific dietary needs.

Students eating in the dining hall

Nutritional Counseling

Shavaun Cloran, Registered Dietitian, is available by appointment, for nutritional counseling (ex. weight management, sports nutrition, low sodium guidelines, vegan/vegetarian guidelines, or other nutritional concerns).  Please contact her at or 508-831-5144. 

Nutrition Facts Information:  Be an Educated Consumer!

Our menus are accessible online with their associated nutrition facts.  Special icons are designated to indicate the category (Balanced, Sustainable, Vegetarian, Vegan) of each menu item.


Due to the increased interest in vegetarian/vegan menu items by our students, we have expanded the number of options for each meal at POD, Campus Center and Goat’s Head.

At our main dining hall, Morgan POD, we currently provide high quality protein in the following ways (including eggs, seafood and dairy):

  • Seafood and tofu rotating throughout our four week menu cycle
  • Hummus and a variety of cheeses at the sandwich station
  • Eggs; hard and scrambled
  • Milk, rice and soy milk alternatives, cottage cheese, cheese and yogurt
  • Salad Bar:  Tofu, tempeh (by request), legumes, whole grain salads, chia seeds, ground flax seed
  • 2 types of vegetarian burgers (at grill)
  • Quinoa, lentils, millet and brown rice are available (rotating) at Balanced U.
  • Oatmeal, daily
Gluten Free Diet

Permission to share information? This form will be directed to Shavaun Cloran RD, at WPI Dining Services, and Regina Roberto, Director of WPI Health Services