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WPI offers a variety of housing options and emphasizes personal choice in a competitive assignment process. We encourage you to explore the diverse options available for on-campus living. This process applies to current WPI students only - new incoming students will have an opportunity at a later date to register for housing through the Housing Portal!

We want to help you make the best decision possible in this selection process. If you have a housing assignment question or any question about current policies or procedures, please contact the Residential Services Office at

Housing Application & Selection Overview

  • The housing portal website is 

  • The housing application consists of 4 steps: 

    • Fill out the housing application in the housing portal 
    • Form a group of roommates/suitemates  
    • Select a group leader 
    • Your group leader needs to verify the group within the housing portal 
  • Specific information about group sizes will be announced at the beginning of C term 2021. 

  • Important Dates: 

  • January 21 - Housing application goes live on 

  • March 18 – Housing application closes. Each student’s application must be completed, and groups must be formed and verified by March 18. 

  • The housing contract is activated when you or your group leader selects a space during housing selection. 

  • If you or your group leader select housing on campus, do not sign a lease for off campus housing as well! The housing contract is a binding contract. 

  • There will be NO studio singles available for general housing selection - only singles within suites/apartments. 

  • Privately owned off-campus apartments are generally available in the area throughout the academic year and summer; those arrangements are not part of the WPI housing selection process. 

Important Points

Facts & figures: 
  • All upperclass housing is Gender Inclusive. This means you choose who you live with – independent of gender. 

  • There will be NO studio singles available for general housing selection - only singles within suites/apartments. 

  • There will be no regrouping after selection times are emailed to group leaders.  For special circumstances, please contact Residential Services. 

  • If you live in Ellsworth, Fuller, East, Faraday, Schussler House, Hackfeld House, Elbridge House, or WPI Townhouses it is encouraged to choose a residential or voluntary meal plan, however it is not required. 

  • There is no risk to complete a housing application for housing selection. Your contract becomes financially binding if you or your group leader select housing during housing selection week or you are assigned housing by a Residential Services staff member at your request. 

  • Residential Services has many opportunities both online and in person for you to find roommates/groupmates. Be proactive throughout the process to find the number of people that fit the space size you would like. 


Accommodated Housing 
  • Students seeking housing accommodations for an accessibility-related need may request accommodations through the Office of Accessibility Services (OAS) on or before January 15.  For more information on filling out the Housing Accommodation Request Form and submitting documentation, please watch this video.  Housing accommodations must be requested each year in addition to filling out the housing application.  The Housing Accommodation Form can be found here. 

  • The priority is to provide an accommodated housing assignment that meets the student’s needs based on medical documentation in a location that is appropriate for the student’s class year designation. 

Additional Information

If you are a current student with questions about on-campus housing, please email