GRADUATE HOUSING CONTRACT / TERMS AND CONDITIONS                                                                                  

These terms and conditions apply to the Graduate Housing Contract made by and between Worcester Polytechnic Institute (“WPI”) by and through its Residential Services Office, and the student signing this contract (“occupant”).

You (“occupant”) are expected to abide by the following Terms and Conditions and by ALL WPI regulations including the Student Code of Conduct. Noncompliance with these regulations may result in conduct action.  All policies and procedures outlined herein apply to students living in WPI housing (“Residence Hall Facility” or “Space”).


  1. OCCUPANTS of the graduate properties must be enrolled as full-time graduate students at WPI.  OCCUPANTS must vacate the premises upon termination of student status.
  2. Smoking is not permitted in any graduate property.
  3. Any duplication of WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES-issued keys or accommodation of unauthorized-guests is prohibited. Housing privileges are not transferable.
  4. The Housing Contract remains in effect for the term of the contract as long as the OCCUPANT is enrolled at WPI.
  5. This is a legally binding contract. Failure to pick up a key does not release an OCCUPANT from this contract.
  6. WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES reserves the right to modify the terms of this contract at any time for any reason.
  7. Graduate properties are available for occupancy starting August 1 of this year. Occupancy ends May 31 of next year. Contracts are non-renewable and only available for one academic year.
  8. WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES reserves the right to reassign OCCUPANTS at any time.
  9. WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES reserves the right to check OCCUPANT rooms in order to assess and repair the physical facilities, and to maintain appropriate health and safety standards.
  10. WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES assumes no responsibility for loss of or damage to an OCCUPANT’S personal property.
  11. WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES reserves the right to change the rates as published if such action is necessitated by economic conditions during the period of this agreement.
  12. Failure of an OCCUPANT or their guest to comply with graduate property regulations and policies may lead to imposition of financial liabilities, probation, dismissal from the residence halls and/or WPI, or other civil action.
  13. OCCUPANTS are expected to obey all applicable laws and to respect the rights, privileges and property of other members of the university community and visitors to the campus. OCCUPANTS are further expected to refrain from actions that materially or substantially interfere with university or properties functions, or would endanger the health, safety or welfare of others.
  14. Graduate properties are for residence purposes only and under no circumstances may the rooms, buildings or adjacent grounds be used for any commercial purpose.
  15. Because of the high demand for on-campus housing, WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES may consider it necessary to make temporary assignments at the start of the housing contract (i.e., placing three students in a double room). Those assigned to temporary space are notified in writing of their assignment. Permanent assignments are made at the earliest possible date.


  1. WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES provides a limited number of apartments for individual persons who are enrolled in WPI academic programs; and the OCCUPANT certifies that they are enrolled in a WPI academic program. WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES will verify student status with the WPI Registrar.
  2. Upon termination of student status, OCCUPANT’S responsibility for the balance of the housing contract remains. Refunds will follow the college schedule on refunds. OCCUPANTS who will be continuing in an enrolled/affiliated status for the following academic year may maintain occupancy until the end of current housing contract term without being enrolled/affiliated during the summer session.


  1. OCCUPANT agrees to pay the total rent due as indicated on the WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES website. CLICK HERE. Rent is payable in monthly installments due on the first day of each month. Payments are made online or in person at the Bursar’s Office on the second floor of Boynton Hall. On or before the date the housing contract begins, OCCUPANT shall pay to WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES the amount specified in the housing contract as first month’s rent for the period from the date the housing contract begins through the last day of the current month. All succeeding rent charges will be for periods beginning the first day of the month through the last day of the month.
  2. This contract takes effect when the OCCUPANT selects a housing location or when the OCCUPANT is assigned housing by a WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES staff member.
  3. OCCUPANT agrees to keep their account in good standing at all times. OCCUPANT agrees that WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES may withhold from any sums owed OCCUPANT by WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES or its affiliates the amount of any payment owed WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES under the housing contract which is more than thirty (30) days overdue. OCCUPANT specifically authorizes the withholding of such amounts by WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES.
  4. OCCUPANT will provide accurate information regarding their academic affiliation and enrollment status with WPI.
  5. WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES will be responsible for the following: Water, Sewer, Electricity, Gas, Oil, Property Taxes, Interior Décor, Building Maintenance, Grounds Maintenance, and Insurance for the building/property.
  6. OCCUPANT may not bring their own furniture as furnishings are provided.
  7. OCCUPANT will be responsible for the following: Trash Removal, Snow removal on walks and driveways, and Insurance on personal property.


  1. WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES may immediately terminate the housing contract for anyone who, in the judgment of the WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES, represents an imminent threat to the health or safety of WPI students, employees or other WPI constituents.
  2. WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES may terminate the housing contract at any time prior to the housing contract end date in the event of either of the following situations:
    1. OCCUPANT graduation, dismissal or withdrawal from classes at WPI, or
    2. OCCUPANT violation of any term or condition of the housing contract.
  3. OCCUPANT must terminate the housing contract prior to the housing contract end date if OCCUPANT ends their affiliation with WPI due to graduation, withdrawal or dismissal from classes, or any other reason. Upon termination of student status, OCCUPANT’S responsibility for the balance of the housing contract remains. (refunds will follow the university schedule on refunds) and OCCUPANT must notify WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES in writing. Notice by other means (e.g., phone or verbal) or to other WPI offices (e.g., Academic Department or Accounting) does not terminate the housing contract.
  4. Academic Year Closing: The residence halls close each year by May 31.  Please see postings and email communications for exact date and time.  All OCCUPANTS are expected to have turned in their keys and removed all belongings from the graduate properties by this time.  Failure to turn in a key when vacating a graduate property will result in a lock change order and a charge to the OCCUPANTS account.


  1. OCCUPANT'S property which remains in an apartment after the date of the termination or cancelation of the housing contract shall be deemed abandoned. WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES is relieved of all liabilities for this abandoned property. If OCCUPANT abandons the premises or is dispossessed thereof by process of law, or otherwise, title to any personal property belonging to OCCUPANT and left on the premises shall be deemed to have been transferred to the WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICESWPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES shall have the right to remove and dispose of such property without liability as a result of OCCUPANT or to any person claiming under OCCUPANT, and shall have no need to account therefore. WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES may retain belongings as its property or may dispose of belongings through sale, donation or in such other manner as WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES, in its sole discretion may determine. Any proceeds derived from the sale or other disposition of such property shall be the property of WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES as mitigation of damages suffered as a result of OCCUPANT’S breach.
  2. OCCUPANT agrees to yield and peaceably deliver possession of the premises to WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES upon termination of the housing contract. Upon giving written notice of termination to OCCUPANTWPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES shall have the right to re-enter and take possession of the premises on the date such termination became effective without further notice of any kind and without institution of legal proceedings. Termination of the housing contract and reentry of the premises by WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES shall in no way alter or diminish any obligation of OCCUPANT hereunder.
  3. OCCUPANT'S continued occupancy of the premises after the termination of the housing contract shall not be construed as a renewal of the housing contract, but shall be construed as a tenancy at the will of WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES. In such an event, rental for the premises shall be double the regular monthly rent amount for the extra days occupied.


OCCUPANT shall not sublet the premise or any part thereof. Any attempted sublease of assignment shall be null and void, and shall confer no right, title, or interest in or to the housing contract unless prior written consent of WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES has been obtained. Any proposed sublease or assignee must meet the same eligibility requirements of the original OCCUPANT. An OCCUPANT who sublets their apartment is in breach of these terms and conditions and is in violation of the Housing Contract.


  1. The premises shall be used only for residential purposes and shall be occupied only by OCCUPANT.
  2. OCCUPANT’S room is a private space that should be shared equally by all roommates. As a responsible roommate, it is not appropriate to engage in any activity that would deny your roommate access to the room, or make them feel uncomfortable while in the room.
  3. When one OCCUPANT has a friend or friends visiting, it should always be with the consent of the other OCCUPANT(s).
  4. OCCUPANT may have overnight guests in their rooms with all OCCUPANT(s) permission. In addition, no OCCUPANT is permitted to have an overnight guest for more than three nights per month, whether the nights are consecutive or not.
  5. Keys are not provided for guests. It should be noted that it is the responsibility of the host to explain all University policies, and to be held accountable for the actions of their guest. If you leave your room or guest unattended, you can also be held responsible for the guest’s activities.


  1. WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES shall provide OCCUPANT the furnishings and appliances contained in the property upon move in.
    1. OCCUPANT cannot bring their own furniture.
    2. WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES shall provide information, prior to rental, of known lead- based paint and known lead-based paint hazards in the Graduate Properties.    Please familiarize yourself with the Massachusetts Tenent Lead Law Notification.   
  2. OCCUPANT shall not conduct, or allow family members or guests to conduct, any activity that interferes with the comfort, safety, health, welfare, or convenience of other occupants. WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES may remedy any such activity through contractual remedies or through the procedures set forth in WPI’s Conduct Code.
    1. OCCUPANT shall not use or permit the use of the premises for illegal purposes.
    2. OCCUPANT shall keep the premises in neat, clean, sanitary, and orderly condition at all times. OCCUPANT shall not permit rubbish, garbage, excessive personal belongings, etc., to accumulate at any time; nor commit, suffer, or permit any waste on the premises or any acts to be done in violation of any law or ordinance;
    3. OCCUPANT shall not destroy, deface or damage any part of the apartment, common areas or community grounds. OCCUPANTS are responsible for any damages they, or their family members, cause to The Properties, common areas or public spaces.
    4. OCCUPANT shall not reconstruct or modify plumbing, heating, or electrical systems.
    5. OCCUPANT may not tamper with or disconnect smoke or carbon-monoxide detectors.
    6. OCCUPANT shall not make or cause any alterations to be made in or on the premises.
    7. OCCUPANT shall not paint or install wallpaper or contact-paper on the premises.
    8. OCCUPANT shall not install, use, or store, a mechanical dishwasher or a waterbed on the premises.
    9. The use of an air conditioner on the premise is permitted only with an accommodation for health reasons from WPI DISABILITY SERVICES . For safety reasons, WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES must install air conditioners and such air conditioners must comply with the requirements of WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES policy.
    10. OCCUPANT shall not attach an aerial, awning, or clothesline to the exterior of the building, nor affix anything to the exterior of the premises, including plastic coverings over windows.
    11. OCCUPANT shall not use trees, grass, balcony or porch railings for washing or drying personal belongings.
    12. OCCUPANT may not have cut real trees on the premises due to the safety hazard they pose.
    13. OCCUPANT is responsible for snow removal of all exterior stairwells, walkways, and sidewalks around the house in the event of a snowstorm.
    14. Due to the threat of safety caused by falling ashes, the use of incense is prohibited. Kerosene, gasoline, or other flammable liquids are not permitted. Flammable covers, paper shades, and decorations on the light fixtures are strictly forbidden. In addition, space heaters and halogen lamps are prohibited and will be confiscated whether or not they are in use. Extension cords that do not have a surge protector built in are prohibited.
    15. For health and safety reasons cooking is allowed only in kitchen areas.
    16. OCCUPANT is not permitted to have gas grills.
    17. Appliances that are not UL listed and may contain an exposed heating element are not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to 3D printers or any appliances without a thermostat/automatic shutoff. Small appliances that are UL certified are allowed
    18. OCCUPANT may be decorated to assist in the personalization of the rooms. There is no tampering with fire safety equipment, including hanging of decorations on fire safety equipment.
    19. Lofting of beds is NOT permitted.
    20. Nothing may hang from the ceiling, fire equipment, or pipes in the space..
    21. Holiday decorations: Live trees or boughs are not permitted in OCCUPANT’S rooms or hallway areas. Decorative materials used in any area must be appropriately flame resistant. Any lights used for decorative purposes must be UL listed, interior lights, may not be used as extension cords, or multiple strands connected to one another.
    22. Furniture may not be set up in a way that creates an increased risk factor for fire safety, this includes blocking egresses, unsafe stacking/placement, etc. Temporary or permanent structures that are affixed to University issued furniture is strictly prohibited.
    23. OCCUPANTS requiring a Personal Care Attendant (PCA) that will have access to their on campus residence must comply with the PCA Policy as set forth by the Office of Disability Services.
    24. OCCUPANTS requiring a Service Animal (SA) or an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) that will live in university housing with the occupant is required to notify the Residential Services Office no later than thirty (30) days prior to the arrival of the animal. All animals residing in university housing are required to have a specific WPI identification card provided by Residential Services to the student. Occupants with SA or ESAs must comply with the Animals On Campus Policy.
    25. Alcohol Quantity Policy: Any one (1) OCCUPANT age 21 or older cannot possess more than one (1) 12 pack of beer, or one (1) liter of wine, or one (1) liter of liquor (80 proof maximum) in their room or apartment at one time. For example, in a double room or apartment (where two (2) occupants are present and both are age 21 or older), the maximum quantity of alcohol allowed is a 24 pack of beer, or two (2) liters of wine or two (2) liters of liquor (80 proof maximum) in their room or apartment at one time. In a quad room or apartment (where four (4) occupants are present and all four (4) are age 21 or older), the maximum quantity of alcohol allowed is a 48 pack of beer, or four (4) liters of wine or four (4) liters of liquor (80 proof maximum) in the room or apartment at one time.  These amounts are restricted to personal use.
  1. Upon termination of the housing contract, OCCUPANT shall leave the premises in as good a condition as existed upon the commencement of the housing contract, reasonable wear and tear is expected. OCCUPANT shall pay for any damage beyond reasonable wear and tear of the premises or any cleaning or rubbish removal from the premises that WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES deems necessary. The apartment will not be officially vacated until the keys are received by the WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICESWPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES shall conduct inspection of premises following vacation of premises by OCCUPANTWPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES shall furnish to OCCUPANT a statement of the charges of all necessary work within sixty (60) days of the date that the OCCUPANT vacated the premises. Repaired/replaced items remain WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES property.


WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES shall be responsible for the following maintenance duties and will require that the work be done, with full OCCUPANT cooperation:

  1. Maintenance of the premises, including but not limited to plumbing, electrical and heating systems, and painting.
  2. Maintenance of all common areas.
  3. Pest treatment in the premises and applicable common areas. Where a pest infestation is found, the entire building must be treated. Failure to comply with pest control treatment or maintain proper sanitation can result in non-renewal or termination of the housing contract.


WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES or its authorized representative shall have the right at all reasonable times to enter the premises to ensure OCCUPANT’S compliance with all provisions of the housing contract, to conduct health and safety inspections, and to perform ordinary maintenance. WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES shall provide OCCUPANT at least 24 hours notice in such situations whenever possible, except when imminent danger to life, safety, health, or property is reasonably feared, for maintenance services requested by OCCUPANT, or for fire safety inspections.


  1. In addition to the terms and conditions specified herein, the OCCUPANT is bound to comply with the applicable WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES Housing policies and the Student Code of Conduct.
    1. All Graduate Properties apartments/houses are non-smoking facilities. Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the graduate properties, including in apartments, balconies, hallways, stairwells, stairways, porches, indoor public spaces or anywhere else on the WPI campus. Smoking within 25 feet of a building is prohibited.
    2. OCCUPANT shall not use candles or incense anywhere within the apartment.
    3. OCCUPANT shall not have or permit any open or covered fire, including but not limited to a hibachi or barbecue, on or in any porch, balcony, stairwell, or entryway of any building. Cooking and/or grilling within 25 feet of a building is prohibited.
    4. It is a crime to possess or store any weapon in the graduate properties without prior written permission from Campus Police
    5. OCCUPANT shall not keep or harbor dogs, cats, reptiles, or any other animals (except fish tanks 10 gallons or less and approved service or therapy animals) on the premises. Animals found are subject to immediate removal by WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES, with cost of removal, damage, and cleaning to be paid by the OCCUPANT.
    6. Bikes must be registered with Campus Police. Bikes, strollers, tricycles, and other personal property stored outside or those improperly stored are subject to immediate removal and disposal.
    7. OCCUPANT must follow oral or written instructions regarding University regulations or state laws as given by authorized representatives of the University including all members of the WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES staff. OCCUPANT must present their University identification cards to the residence hall staff or authorized campus authority upon request. Failure to cooperate with staff members acting in accordance with their duties is prohibited.
    8. Courtesy hours are in effect at all times, and are defined as times during which students are to consider the impact of their music, noise, etc. on other members of the community. Students are expected to act in a manner that does not disrupt or interfere with individual and/or group rights.
    9. Sound equipment, including radios, stereos, amplifiers, etc. must be operated with consideration of others. Stereo equipment or speakers may not be directed out of windows. Musical instruments should be used in Alden Hall practice rooms.
    10. The following items are expressly prohibited: Firearms (including antique guns), explosives and other weapons, ammunition, fireworks, starting pistols, incendiary or toxic chemicals, paintball equipment, air rifles, bb pellets, dart guns, torches, stun guns, swords, knives, or any other type of  weapon or projectile-firing device. The use, storage, or possession of hoverboards is strictly prohibited in all residential spaces.
    11. OCCUPANT must maintain possession of their key at all times. The key to their space should not be loaned out. If a key is lost it must be reported to WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES and a replacement key will be issued. The cost of the replacement is $300 for graduate apartments/houses and $150 for all Salisbury Estates units.


  1. OCCUPANT shall not obstruct the corridors, stairways, lounges, or entryways or use such areas for children’s play or for storage of personal belongings (including but not limited to bikes, children’s toys and strollers, household furniture, volatile substances, etc.)
    1. OCCUPANTS may only use porches for lawn furniture and flower containers. Porch areas may not be used for storage (e.g. mattresses, bikes, household furniture, clothing, clothesline, auto parts, etc.)
    2. WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES reserves the right to remove all obstructions and dispose of the same at its discretion.


SALISBURY ESTATES: Parking of 1 vehicle per apartment is permitted and OCCUPANT will register car information through WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES.

NEIGHBORHOOD HOUSES: Worcester resident parking permits for OCCUPANTS living on Resident Only Parking streets are available through Worcester City Hall. On street parking is available in and around the WPI campus.

  • Only currently licensed, registered, and operable automobiles may be parked in a WPI space and only in designated parking areas.
  • OCCUPANT shall not drive or park any vehicle on the grass or sidewalks or block access to any garage on the property.
  • OCCUPANT shall not mark a space for individual use.
  • Parking passes are available at Campus Police and it is the OCCUPANT’S responsibility to obtain a pass


  1. OCCUPANT shall not claim damages from WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES for any damage resulting to the premises or any personal property in the event the premises or property are damaged or destroyed by fire, flood, or any other causes not under WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES'S control.
  2. WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES shall not be liable for any injury or property damage (except injury or damage caused by the negligence of the WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES) which is sustained by OCCUPANT, members of OCCUPANTS family, invitees, or assigns, while on the premises. OCCUPANT shall indemnify and hold WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES harmless from any and all liability for any such injury to person or property. In order for the OCCUPANT to be protected from losses not caused by WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES'S negligence, OCCUPANT is strongly encouraged to purchase renter's insurance through a private insurance carrier licensed by the State of Massachusetts.


  1. The failure of WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES or OCCUPANT to insist upon strict performance of any of the terms or conditions of the housing contract shall not be deemed a waiver of any right or remedy that WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES or OCCUPANT may have, and shall not be deemed a waiver of the right to require strict performance of all provisions of the housing contract thereafter, nor a waiver of any remedy for the subsequent breach or default of any provision of the housing contract.
  2. The Housing contract, these Terms and Conditions, and the provisions of WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES policies as set forth all of the agreements and understandings of the parties. Any modification to these Terms and Conditions must be in writing and properly executed by both parties.
  3. If any provision of the housing contract is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, void, unenforceable, the remainder of the provisions hereof shall remain in full force and effect, and shall in no way be affected, impaired, or invalidated thereby.
  4. OCCUPANT must disclose all criminal convictions (excluding traffic violations). WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES reserves the right not to enter into (and/or to terminate) a housing contract for anyone who, in the judgment of WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES, represents a threat to the health or safety of students, employees or other constituents, or anyone who provides false information or fails to fully complete the housing contract.
  5. All Notices required by the OCCUPANT to WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES shall be submitted in writing to the following location: WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES, 100 Institute Road Worcester, MA 01609 or emailed to OCCUPANT hereby agrees that all notices due to them by the WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES may be provided either via the OCCUPANT’S WPI RESIDENTIAL SERVICES email account or first class mail to the residence.


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