The housing selection process is an exciting time and an opportunity for you to think about your academic and social needs for the upcoming year. This process takes place entirely online during the preceding winter of each academic year.

Get ready for the housing selection process and familiarize yourself with all the locations and amenities of our Residences. If you have any questions, please contact Residential Services.

Step 1: Sign Up for Housing Selection

Sign up for a housing lottery number on StarRez, between November 30th - January 31st. 

  • On the top of the page click on "Student Housing Application" 
  • Select Academic year 2018-2019
  • Complete sections 1-7 on the application.  

Completing this process will get you signed up to participate in Housing Selection. There is no cost to sign up to participate. You are only charged if you or your group leader selects housing.

Step 2: Sign Up for a Group

Groups signups will take place concurrently with the signup process.

  • On the top of the page click on "Student Housing Application"
  • Select Academic year 2018-2019.
  • From here you will now see the option to "Create a Group" and "Manage a Group" available to you.
  • With your group determine who will be your Group Leader, this person is the one that will select housing for the entire group during housing selection.
  • Group leaders should request members of the group to join them.
  • Group members need to log in to the system and accept the invite from their group leader.
  • When your group is fully formed with all group members accepting, the group leader needs to log into the system and click "verify group".

Everyone must form a group to participate, even if you are trying for a stand-alone single room. Group sizes range from 8 students down to 1 student. If you are trying to get into a location that has apartments or suites for a group of students, you must have a full group to sign up for these locations. When forming a group you should be knowledgeable about the types of spaces that are available for each group size.

Throughout the process, we will have opportunities to meet potential group members, see the schedule. You may also join the 2018-2019 Roommate Search Facebook group to look for other students.

Step 3: Learn More about the Housing Selection Process

Attend a housing info session, table, or tour. There are several opportunities for you to learn all about housing selection. see the full schedule.

Step 4: Receive your Housing Selection Day and Time

If you are a rising sophomore in a group of 1 or 2 people you will receive an invitation to select housing in Messenger Hall on February 2nd.  Messenger selection will occur on February 5th beginning at 9am.   If you do not choose a space in Messenger you will receive a selection time for the following week as well.   

Everyone who does not select a space in Messenger Hall will receive a Housing Selection number on February 8th and your group should make a plan. Talk to friends and decide what options you may want to pursue during selection, see our upperclass options. Make sure to create backup plans that you will be comfortable with.

In order to help you plan if your group may need to consider other size options, we will be communicating with groups during this week should there be too many groups of a certain size or type.

 Step 5: Select Housing

Housing Selection occurs over the course of one week.  Our goal in this process is to be fair for all students while still allowing students to have a preference based on class standing.  Housing selection time will be determined by group size and by an average of the WPI earned and currently attempted credits within the group as recorded in Bannerweb. 

The timeslots will be determined based on the number of groups that sign up for each group size and then allowing a new set of groups into the system at different intervals within a time block.  The amount of groups allowed in, as well as the times, will be published on February 9th.

  • February 12th Morning, 8 person suites/apartments, Founders Hall
  • February 12th Afternoon, 7 person suites/apartments, Ellsworth/Fuller Apartments
  • February 13th Morning, 6 person suites/apartments, Founders Hall
  • February 13th Afternoon, 5 person suites/apartments, Ellsworth/Fuller Apartments, Founders Hall
  • February 14th All Day, 4 person suites/apartments, Founders Hall, East Hall, Faraday Hall
  • February 15th Morning, 3 person rooms/suites/apartments, Fuller Apartments, Faraday Hall
  • February 15th Morning, 2 person rooms/studios, East Hall, Fuller Apartments, Faraday Hall, Founders Hall, Trowbridge House, Messenger Hall (if available)
  • February 15th Afternoon, 1  person rooms/studios, East Hall, Faraday Hall, Founders Hall, Messenger Hall (if available)

Step 6: Confirm Housing/Meal Plan

If you are not the leader of your group, once your group leader has selected housing you must go into the system to confirm your Meal Plan selection and confirm your housing assignment.  If you do not confirm your housing assignment, but your group leader selected housing for you on your behalf, you are still bound by your housing contract.