Prior to your arrival our staff has inspected your room to verify that the items in the room are in what we consider “excellent” or “good” condition. Throughout the year it is your responsibility to maintain your room and furniture to the level it was when you moved in.

One of Faraday Hall's dorms.

Residents have the option to fill out a Room Condition Form. Here are the guidelines:

  • Each resident has the opportunity to complete and return this form online for your residence within 1 week of receiving your key.
  • If you do not return this form your room/apartment, it will be understood that all items in your space are considered to be in "Excellent" or "Good" condition.
  • If you have something that needs to be repaired you should report it to your Resident Advisor so that we may generate a work order to resolve this issue, and also indicate it on this form.
  • You are responsible for leaving your living space in the same condition in which you found it upon checking out.
  • Unless verifiable information to the contrary is available, all damages or cleaning required in your space will be billed equally among the residents of that space.
  • Your room key must be returned the day you depart your residence. Do not give your key to someone else to return. If a key is not returned, you will be charged the fee to change the locks on the space.

On the form you will be asked to select the condition of the items in your room/apartment based on the following codes:

Excellent: In an unmarked, like new condition.

  • Carpet: no wax, no discoloration, no stains
  • Walls: no pinholes, no blemishes, no missing paint or peeling
  • Furniture: no scratches, new condition

Good: Shows some wear/tear, but still in working condition; satisfactory, sufficient, no major attention needed.

  • Carpet: small (1/4" to 1/2") bleach or dark stains
  • Walls: 5 to 15 small pinholes, no nail holes, and/or any missing paint from bookshelves, windowsills
  • Furniture - small (1" to 2") scratches

Poor: Poor condition, but still functional

  • Carpet: large (1/2"and larger) bleach or dark stains
  • Walls: more than 15 pinholes, any nail holes, and/or any peeling paint
  • Furniture: scratches larger than 2" in length

Needs repair: Please include specific notes.

  • Broken drawers; drawers that are hard to open
  • Light covers that are missing, cracked or falling down; lights that are out
  • Towel bars that are missing or bent
  • Blinds or drapes that will not open or close or are hard to operate
  • Bedframes that are loose
  • Window latches that are missing or not working properly

Not present: This item is not present in the room.

Not applicable: This item does not apply to my room.