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A common question among students interested in creating a new club is why they should go through the process of becoming officially recognized by WPI. There are a number of benefits for recognized student clubs and organizations, including that recognized clubs can:

  • Use WPI facilities, schedule tables for use in public areas, and place posters and flyers on the Campus Center bulletin boards to publicize their events
  • Apply for funds from the Student Government Association (SGA) and/or other campus sources
  • Associate WPI's name with that of the club or organization
  • Be included in WPI publications when appropriate
  • Have a campus mailbox in the Student Activities Office (SAO)
  • Have a WPI account with the Business Office
  • Have a myWPI community group
  • Sponsor campus programs and activities
  • Apply for a code for the copy machine in the Student Organizations Suite, located on the third floor of the Campus Center 
  • Apply for a student organization file cabinet or locker in the Student Organizations Suite
  • Have the SAO maintain up-to-date information about a club or organization’s officers and advisors, and provide that information to interested students, organizations, and departments
  • Utilize the SAO for help with questions regarding their financial paperwork and researches current transactions, when needed

Student Organization Council

The Student Organization Council (SOC) is a committee that reviews all requests by student groups that wish to be considered a recognized club or organization at WPI. The SOC is comprised of:  

  • One (1) representative from the Department of Physical Education, Recreation, and Athletics
  • Two (2) representatives from the SAO
  • And three (3) student representatives from the SGA/GSG

The university’s Vice President for Student Affairs appoints the representatives from the SAO and the Department of Physical Education, Recreation, and Athletics as well as the chairperson for the council; the SGA appoints its representatives. A minimum of four participants is required at any SOC meeting.