The application process for the Global Projects Program (GPP) is competitive.  Meeting deadlines, completing all components of the application, and viewing site sessions on time all contribute to a successful application. Every application is carefully reviewed and considered. However, no student is guaranteed placement at any project center.

You can begin an application for the IQP, MQP or HUA on eProjects

Applications for 20-21 Off-Campus Programs will open at the beginning of A Term.
Here is a preview of the general application components for the GPP.  Please pay careful attention to the application page for your program as application components may vary.


The application questionnaire asks for some basic information including your phone number, your language ability if you speak multiple languages, and a summary of your academic experience and travel experience. 

Writing Prompts

Students are typically asked to complete a series of short answer, and essay questions. Prompts for the 20-21 application cycle will be posted by the beginning fo A Term. 


Upload a recent copy of your updated resume or CV. Your resume should reflect your work experience, volunteer experience and any extracurricular activities in which you have participated or currently participate. 

Two References (IQP and MQP Only)

You will only be asked to provide the names and contact info for two references.  You do not need to submit a letter of reference. One reference should be a WPI faculty member. Your second reference can be a WPI faculty or staff member, or a coach, supervisor, or faculty member from another institution who would be willing to serve as a reference for you. 

Waiver to Access Records

You will be asked to sign off on a few application statements including an understanding of the application process and a release of your transcript and judicial records.  

Other Program Specific Details

Site Preference Rating Form (IQP Only) - You will rate all of the project center/term offerings as Very Interested, Interested, or Not Interested. This way, you will be considered for multiple sites at the same time. With 50 project center/term offerings, there is a lot to choose from! More guidance on the rating process and factors to consider can be found here: Guidance for Project Preference Ratings - 19-20 Application Cycle

Project Center Rankings (MQP Only) - Students will be asked to submit project preferences at the time of application.