South Village Shuttle

South Village Shuttle Stops

There are two stops at South Village then continues onto campus.  (First) South Village Student Center (corner of West Street & Cedar Street) and (Second) 48 Sever Street. Students, faculty, and staff may use the South Village Shuttle. The South Village Day Shuttle runs 7:10am to 6pm Monday - Friday through May 5, 2023. The South Village Evening Shuttle runs 6:10pm to midnight 7 days/week through May 5, 2023. 

  • South Village: Student Center (corner of West St & Cedar St.)
  • South Village: 48 Sever Street
  • Bartlett Center: in front of building
  • WPI Townhouses: island rotary
  • Bartlett Center: in front of building

It continues the same loop.

Any questions and/or concerns, please contact:

Lt. Karen Confer, WPI Police
Campus Safety Transportation Program Liaison