What to do if you are looking for ongoing support and counseling services 

Ongoing support infographic

  • 1. Speak with someone you trust

    You are not alone, and it's important to tell someone what has happened. Experiencing sexual violence can be an enormous burden to bear, but there are people who are available to support you. Depending upon who you are most comfortable speaking with, you can reach out to any of the resources listed below to discuss the incident. 

    • Confidential Resources:
      • Student Development and Counseling Center, 508-831-5540 to make an appointment or visit us at 16 Einhorn Road (off Institute Road). Hours: 8am to 7pm, Monday through Thursday, 8am to 5pm, Friday.  Walk-in hours are Monday – Friday, 2pm to 3pm.
      • WPI Health Services, 508-831-5520
      • WPI Collegiate Religious Center Chaplains 
      • Pathways for Change Crisis Center, 800-870-5905
      • YWCA Daybreak Hotline, 508-755-9030 for confidential 24-hour community resource for domestic and dating violence survivors and friends of survivors
      • RAINN Hotline, 800-656-HOPE (4673) for confidential national sexual assault assistance
      • Confidential Resource Advisors - WPI employees trained to assist anyone experiencing sexual misconduct.  A complete list of CRAs trained for the current academic year can be found here.
    • Non-Confidential Resources:
  • 2. Understand options to ensure safety

    Regardless of whether you wish to take disciplinary actions, there are several options available to ensure that you stay and are able to continue your studies. These include:

    • Moving to different housing if you live in the same building as the other party
    • Altering class schedules so you are not taking classes building as the other party
    • Obtaining a directive mandating that you and the other party have no contact with each other

    Do you have concerns?

    The Dean of Students Office (508-831-5201) can assist you with a variety of measures, including a “no-contact order”, academic support, and housing accommodations, whether or not a formal complaint is filed.

    WPI Police (508-831-5555) can also provide information and support if you are interested in filing for a court-issued protective order. Once issued, WPI will work with you to make necessary accommodations.

  • 3. Understand reporting options

    If you have experienced any form of sexual violence, stalking, or dating violence, there are several ways you can report the incident. You are not required to file a report immediately, but you are encouraged to report the incident, seek assistance, and preserve any evidence of the incident.  Learn more about reporting options.