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Providing Support, Guidance, and Assistance

Sexual Violence Judicial Advocates are professionals who work directly with students who have been sexually assaulted. They provide emotional support and connect victims with services on campus and within the Worcester community.

Sexual Violence Judicial Advocates and Confidentiality

While Sexual Violence Judicial Advocates can keep a student’s identify confidential, Advocates are required by federal law to report information about the incident, including the date, time, and general location, to the Title IX Coordinator.

Advocates work directly with victims to explain their rights within the campus judicial system and help them prepare for any judicial proceedings. One of the biggest benefits of working with Advocates is the support they provide, such as attending meetings and accompanying the student during the judicial process.

What to Expect

In an Immediate Crisis Situation 
Advocates may encourage students to seek medical attention, help develop a plan of action and provide information, options, referrals, and comfort. Visit Get Help now.

Beyond the Immediate Crisis Situation 
In addition to providing direct services to the survivor, Advocates also work to ensure that WPI judicial processes are fair, sensitive, and do not encourage victim-blaming from the community.

Partnering with the Student Development & Counseling Center (SDCC) 
Advocates work closely with the SDCC and participate in WPI’s Sexual Assault and Violence Education Committee. Students, survivors, and friends may call an Advocate anonymously and receive support and information. If the student chooses to provide his or her name, it will be maintained in confidence.

Contact Sexual Violence Judicial Advocates

Jennifer Cluett 
Admissions Office 
(508) 831-5286 

Colleen Callahan-Panday 
International House 
(508) 831-6030 

David Ortendahl 
Career Development Office 
(508) 831-5831

WPI’s Sexual Violence Judicial Advocates are here to stand with you, guide you, and support you. As members of the WPI community, we are here to provide emotional support, help you connect with area resources, and navigate the WPI judicial process.