If the alleged perpetrator is affiliated with WPI, you may file a complaint with the university by contacting the Dean of Students Office or a Title IX Coordinator. University complaints are governed by the Student Code of Conduct. The standard of proof is “a preponderance of the evidence,” meaning more likely than not, and sanctions may include suspension or expulsion (for students) and termination (for employees).

Dean of Students Office: 

Philip Clay, Title IX Coordinator 

For assistance initiating a complaint, or to learn more about the process, you can contact one of the Sexual Violence Judicial Advocates. Advocates are not confidential but can provide support to students without having to report any personally identifying information about an incident to the University.

Jennifer Cluett: 508-831-5286jcluett@wpi.edu 
Colleen Callahan-Panday: 508-831-6030ccallahan@wpi.edu 
David Ortendahl: 508-831-5260dortendahl@wpi.edu