Get Immediate Help WPI Police 
Dial 5555 from any on-campus phone or 508-831-5555 from a non-WPI phone system. You may also use one of WPI's emergency phones located throughout the campus (identified by a blue light). By pushing the red button, you are automatically connected with a Campus Police Dispatcher (24 hours a day).
Learn About Options

Sexual Violence Judicial Advocates 
Jennifer Cluett, Boynton Hall, 
Colleen Callahan-Panday, International House, 
David Ortendahl, Career Development Center,

Talk in Confidence Student Development & Counseling Center
Make an appointment by calling 508-831-5540.
Get Help Changing a Course or Living Situation Dean of Students Office 
Make an appointment by calling 508-831-5201 or emailing
Report Sexual Misconduct

Title IX Coordinator 
Philip Clay, Vice President of Student Affairs 508-831-5201 

Deputy Title IX Coordinators 
Connie Aramento, Associate Director, Academic Advising 508-831-5381
Cindy Bartelson, Director of Human Resources 508-831-5737
Cherise Galasso, Associate Athletic Director 508-831-5063
Christine Girouard, Director of Student Activities 508-831-5291
Dana Harmon, Director of PERA 1-508-831-5243 508-831-5243
Art Heinricher, Dean of Undergraduate Studies 508-831-5397
Anne Ogilvie, Director of Global Operations 508-831-5485
Emily Perlow, Assistant Dean of Students 508-831-5201