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As of Monday, February 15, we have moved to TechFlex on Campus/Alert Level Green status with some restrictions for groups and group work, geared toward minimizing the significant risks that gatherings bring.

To minimize the risk of COVID-19 infection, WPI will closely control access to campus buildings by those outside the campus community. Visitors and vendors will be strictly limited to those deemed “essential”—those who need to physically access equipment and/or spaces on campus to support services that are critical to WPI’s mission, those who are essential for WPI’s operational business continuity, or those who have a direct academic element. This is subject to change based on the current campus alert status.

What You Need to Know Now:

  • No visitors will be allowed on campus at this time. Get more info.
  • While in-personal campus visits are not taking place, virtual visits are available for prospective students.
  • The campus access form and approval process for visitors, vendors, research and remote employees have been updated. Check here for details.
  • WPI will control access to campus buildings.  
  • Departments should engage with all visitors and vendors remotely whenever possible. ​
  • Only “essential” visitors/vendors from states listed by Massachusetts as  “COVID lower-risk states” will be permitted on campus.​
  • Departments will determine if their visitor/vendor is “essential.”
  • Essential visitors/vendors permitted on campus must review and sign acknowledgment forms and follow the University’s Health and Safety Guidelines, which include wearing face coverings on campus and social distancing, among other health behaviors.​

Requirements for departments hosting a visitor/vendor:

  • Determine if the visitor/vendor is “essential.”​
  • Provide the visitor/vendor a link to the university’s Health and Safety Guidelines on We Are WPI.​
  • Arrange a specific date and time for the visitor/vendor to be on campus. Departments are responsible for providing physical access to the buildings; all building doors are locked.​
  • Log external visitors/vendors--or WPI remote employees who need to visit campus--in the main campus log.


Requirements for essential visitors and vendors:

  • Follow the university’s Health and Safety Guidelines on We Are WPI, including wearing face coverings on campus and social distancing, among other health behaviors.​
  • Review and sign the acknowledgment form.
  • Arrange a specific date and time with the hosting person or department to be on campus.  Departments are responsible for providing access to the buildings; all building doors are locked.​
  • Sign in with the department upon arrival; sign out when leaving.


Who are essential vendors?

  • Essential vendors include equipment technician/maintenance personnel; external facilities vendors (i.e., electricians, plumbers, HV/AC, painters, cleaners, movers, etc.​); IT consultants; technicians; administrative services; ​regulatory agencies.


Who are essential visitors?

  • Essential visitors may include prospective students and families; alumni, donors and prospective donors; prospective employees visiting Talent & Inclusion; Career Development Center guests; government officials; ​or members of the media.​
  • Student-sponsored events guests ​and academic guests (lecturers, speakers, and performers) will be limited to one per event and must follow the Events Office COVID guidelines.
  • Guests, including current family, friends, and other WPI students. are not allowed in the residence halls. Students living in the residence halls must meet any guests outside the residence hall. Students may have one (1) helper for move-in and move-out.

The following exceptions apply:

  • Contactless deliveries-no appointment required, face covering required, access only to loading docks or mail services. ​
  • Facilities capital projects contractors-special process through the facilities​ office.
  • Research guests, human research subjects-special process through the research office.