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WPI’s simple and quick-to-use Symptom Tracker can be accessed via the WPI website and the WPI Mobile app. Every member of the WPI community working, taking classes, or participating in meetings or activities on campus at all during A- and B-Term will need to use the tracker daily before they come onto campus. The Symptom Tracker connects community members with health resources, while quickly and easily providing critical information to the university. 

If someone is a truly remote employee or student, with absolutely no access to campus, they do not need to use the Symptom Tracker on a daily basis. However, if an employee is working remotely and experiences COVID-related symptoms, they should enter those symptoms and their absence in the tracker, so WPI can track the COVID-19 related time off, ensuring their personal sick time is not used. 

The app is now available. Anyone who will be on campus needs to begin using it every day going forward.

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WPI Creates Symptom Tracker to Help Mitigate the Spread of COVID-19

WPI's IT Services team worked with the university's COVID Health Behaviors Group to build the WPI Symptom Tracker. This new functionality will help students and employees monitor their health by assessing their symptoms every day so they will know if they are able to come to campus for work, class, or activities.

How to Use the COVID-19 Symptom Tracker

The Symptom Tracker is easy to use. Follow these instructions so you'll have an idea of what symptoms to look for, what information needs to be tracked, and what to expect.