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Researchers, learners, doers—we’re many things at WPI, but above all else, we’re a community. We look out for each other. We’ve spent the past few months reimagining what life on campus will be like as we take necessary precautions to keep ourselves—and in turn, each other—as safe as possible from the spread of COVID-19.

It’s a monumental task, but we’ve never been ones to shy away from real-world challenges. Join us in doing your part to keep our WPI family safe and healthy by pledging to:

COVID-19 has an impact on the Student Code of Conduct.  Read, understand, and follow the new rules, in addition to the standard code below. 

Rethink Routines

React Responsibly

Red triangle with exclamation pointTake Precautions, Report Symptoms: Take care of yourself, and take care of others by reporting any symptoms you may have. We can always use a reminder of what they are; and you can find them on 

Test and Contact Trace: Available testing and contact tracing—as well as your participation in both—are crucial to tracking and preventing the spread of COVID-19 on campus.

Wash your hands

Wash Your Hands: While we encourage you to get your hands dirty during project work, it’s still just a turn of phrase. Wash your hands multiple times a day with soap and water, rubbing vigorously for 20 seconds before rinsing; use hand sanitizer if you can’t get to soap and water.


Follow Signs and Directions: There’s no getting around the fact that campus will be looking different this year. Be sure to follow the new directions and signage designed to keep us all safe and healthy.

Social Distancing

Social Distance: The WPI community isn’t the only one you’re part of, so be sure to keep your distance from others, whether you’re on or off campus. It’s a small but effective step in increasing safety for all—including yourself.


Stay Home if Sick: If you’re feeling sick or were in contact with someone who is, seek appropriate care, stay home, and do your part to prevent potential spread.

Face covering

Cover Your Face: This is fundamental (and required) and ensures that we’re doing all we can to keep each other safe as we adjust to this new normal.


Be There for Each Other: There’s no denying that this is hard for all of us. If you see someone struggling, talk with them or connect them with the help they need. A kind word or gesture can go a long way, especially now.

Clean Surfaces

Clean Up After Yourself: Clothes, books, bags, tables, common areas—they’re all our responsibility, and keeping them clean is an easy way to contribute to keeping our campus environment safe.

All community members returning to campus will be required to sign an acknowledgement form after completing training​.

Additional adjustments to our operations may be needed based on updated guidance and public health trends. We recommend you check back regularly for the latest updates.