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Lecture Capturing with Echo360

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To learn more about the use of lecture capturing at WPI, please visit this ATC News page.

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Lecture Capturing Classrooms

The following classrooms have lecture capturing hardware installed, allowing for the capture of instructor audio, content sent from the podium to the projector, and fixed classroom video.


The fixed classroom video camera is mounted towards the back of the classroom and cannot be repositioned or remotely controlled during capture. It captures a portion of the front of the classroom, including the instructor podium, and is only intended to serve as a point-of-reference for students during streaming playback. To see how the video captures in a sample streaming playback screenshot, click here.

The ATC also has licenses for podium capture software, which can be installed on the computers in e-Classrooms where the lecture capturing hardware is not available. To learn more, contact the ATC at

Content that can be captured

In addition to instructor audio and classroom video, Echo360 appliance-based classrooms can capture content sent to the projector from the podium. This includes the following content:


Echo360 can also capture podium VHS/DVD content, but it is recorded at a rate of 15 frames per second (fps) and therefore appears jumpy during playback. This is also the case with videos or simulations run from the web during lecture.

How Content is Captured and Published

Captured lectures can be set up in two ways:

  1. The ATC schedules the recordings to automatically start/stop or,
  2. Instructors/presenters can manage their own captures using Echo360's "Ad-Hoc" interface.

Captures are then published to the myWPI course site and/or an RSS feed. To learn more about the publishing options, click here.

Screenshot of a published Echo capture to myWPI

Personal Capture Software (P-Cap)

Faculty and staff are permitted to install and use Echo360's Personal Capture (P-Cap) software as part of our license with the vendor. P-Cap is a desktop screen capturing software program that allows you to publish recordings to your myWPI site and/or RSS feed. To learn more about the use of Personal Capture to capture from your home or office computer, click here.

Screenshot of P-Cap Software from Echo360's website

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