• #WPIcan video


    WPI students are innovative, creative, and passionate about what they do. From completing a project abroad to pursuing on-campus research, each experience is unique. What can you do at WPI?

  • Inset_MQP

    Ready, set, present

    It happens one day each April. Classes are cancelled. Presentations are scrubbed and posters gleam, as sponsors join students, faculty, and staff to celebrate the culminating project experience that sets WPI students on a course for success. Learn more…

  • Back from the Brink

    Students at WPI’s New Zealand Project Center are working with local conservation officials to develop a plan to protect the endangered New Zealand sea lion, the most threatened of the species. Learn more...

  • Center Stage

    It’s true. This technological university has a vibrant arts scene. New Voices––the nation’s longest continuously running collegiate play festival showcasing new and original scripts—is one such gem. Showtimes…