• Join the Conversation

    Experiment. Calculate. Engineer. Code. Lead. Innovate. Make the world better. What will you do #likeagirl at WPI? More...

  • Congrats Class of 2019

    Of course your WPI experience will be intense academically, but there are plenty of fun traditions like scooter races in the quest for the Goat’s Head Trophy. What are the next steps on your WPI journey? Learn more...

  • Spring Break, Spring Visit

    To know what WPI is all about, you have to experience it firsthand. Schedule your campus visit today.

  • Restoring Adam

    A WPI student and professor are at the intersection of art and engineering as they assist the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the restoration of a 500-year-old marble statue of Adam. Learn more...

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    150 Years of WPI

    In 1974, WPI established its first off-campus project center, opening the door for WPI students to pursue hands-on, life-changing project opportunities in all corners of the globe. Take a look back.