Content of a Cover Letter

As you begin looking for internships or jobs, you should remember to include a cover letter with your resume as you apply for positions.  A copy of the Cover Letter Writing handout is included in your Job Finder account. Get your cover letter critiqued at the CDC during walk-in hours or by making an appointment with a CDC staff member.  Here are some general tips of what to include in a cover letter:

Paragraph 1

• Introduce yourself, your major, your year of graduation

• Inform the company how you learned about the position

• Mention any contacts that you know in the company and any discussions with that individual that might influence the company’s interest in you as a candidate

• One-two sentences on why you are initially interested in the opportunity

Paragraph 2-3

• As you read the job description or information about the company, make note of items that catch your attention.  You find yourself nodding and saying to yourself: I want to do that, or I have experience with this.  Link your experiences and accomplishments to those portions of the job description.

• This is the section that you sell yourself to the specific job or company by showing the company how you are the candidate that they are seeking.

• Highlight your soft skills, such as your ability to lead a team, communicate effectively, handle pressure, time management, etc.

• Comment on something positive about the organization (reputation, sales record, size, corporate culture, management philosophy, mission statement or values of the company). Show that you have done some research on the organization.

• Do not restate what is on your resume

Paragraph 4

• Thank the company for reviewing your credentials

• State when you will follow up

• Provide your email and phone number for the company to reach you

• Re-express your interest in the position and organization



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