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Author Name Title Department Date
Ucak-Astarlioglu, Mine GunesThe Electronic Structure and Spectroscopy of Diarylidene-Cycloalkanones and Their Protonated Cations Chemistry & Biochemistry 2003-04-25
Uemura, Shinji Estimating the Number of Species in a Population Mathematical Sciences 2006-12-12
Ulsamer, Signe MarthaA Model to Characterize the Kinetics of Dechlorination of Tetrachloroethylene and trichloroethylene By a Zero Valent Iron Permeable Reactive Barrier Civil & Environmental Engineering 2011-08-22
Unhale, Sudeep PrabhakarAn Environment For Specifying and Executing Adaptable Software Components Computer Science 2003-04-18
Upalekar, Ruta SunilTools to help build models that predict student learning Computer Science 2005-12-14
Urban, David RaymondA Kinetic Investigation of As and Se Speciation within Coal Combustion Flue Gases using ab initio Methods Chemical Engineering 2006-04-28
Urs, Amit Stability Analysis of Frame Tube Building Civil & Environmental Engineering 2002-10-30
Ursan, Alina MariaA Robust Cusum Test for SETAR-Type Nonlinearity in Time Series Mathematical Sciences 2005-05-31
Usowicz, James EAn Experimental Study of Flame Lengths and Emissions of fully-Modulated Diffusion Flames Mechanical Engineering 2001-04-26

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