WPI Journal

October 1996



A Miracle at Worcester: The adoption of the WPI Plan a quarter century ago changed a traditional college into a model of innovation. At its inception, the Plan was the product of the imagination and tenacity of nine remarkable men. This is their story.
by Michael W. Dorsey
A Gateway to Adulthood: In the Plan's early days, one of the gratest challenges administrators faced was explaining this innovative program. Twenty-five years later, it still defies simple description. We've taken a shot at it, anyway.
by Michael W. Dorsey
Ten Lives Changed: It's been said that the proof is in the pudding. For the WPI Plan, the "pudding" is the stories of the lives and careers of the more than 12,000 men and women who have experienced it. Here are 10 of those stories.
By Ray Bert '93, Alan Earles, Bonnie Gelbwasser, Joan Killough-Miller, Roger N. Perry Jr. '45 and Ruth Trask
Advance Word Remembering WPI's Heroic Age
by Michael W. Dorsey
Letters Thanks for the Van A Update; President Chose the Right Name.
Final Word 2020 Foresight
by Ruth Trask

On the cover: As a member of the faculty Planning Committee, William Grogan helped shape the WPI Plan; as the first dean of undergraduate studies, he oversaw its implementation and development for more than 20 years. Inside front cover: Grogan talks with Sarah Wilcox '97 and Christopher Lenger '98, members of a student team that recent ly completed a project in Germany (advised by Grogan) that studied the drug approval process in that country. Photos by Patrick O'Connor.
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