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Author NameLloyd, Natasha
Email Address nblloyd at gmail.com
TitleClutter Measurement and Reduction for Enhanced Information Visualization
DepartmentComputer Science
  • Matthew Ward, Advisor
  • Emmanuel Agu, Reader
  • Michael Gennert, Department Head
  • Keywords
  • visual
  • clutter
  • measurement
  • reduction
  • information
  • visualization
  • ait traffic
  • Date of Presentation/Defense2005-12-01
    Availability unrestricted


    The effectiveness of information visualization largely depends on the ease and accuracy with which users can access the information. Visual clutter in a display can detract from a user's ability to properly read the information. An ideal visualization needs to maximize the visibility of patterns and structure and minimize the clutter present. Thus far, there has been surprisingly little work done in finding quantitative ways to measure clutter in information visualizations. The goal of this project was to create clutter measurement and reduction techniques that minimize the presence of visual clutter and maximize a user's ability to accurately read the data. These methods were tested and evaluated on a number of visualizations depicting domestic air traffic data.

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