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Recyclemania is a friendly competition and benchmarking tool for college and university recycling programs to provide waste reduction activities to their campus communities.  Over a 10-week period from January to March, schools report recycling and trash data which are then ranked according to who collects the largest amount of recyclables per capita, the largest amount of total recyclables, the least amount of trash per capita, or has the highest recycling rate. 


In January and Febrary of 2012, we saw the good participation in our recycling initiative. The WPI campus was actually awarded a prize in fact! For the greatest week to week increase in paper recycling, WPI received $1000. The award will go to benefit recycling and sustainability on campus.


recyclemania 2011


The third year of competition yielded pleasant results. Over the eight weeks of the contest, WPI ranked consistently in the top ten statewide for the amount of paper, cardboard, food waste, and plastics recycled!

Certificate for the Recycling Council

Recyclemania 2010

This was our second year participating in this competition, and our results were fantastic!  Highlights this year include:

  • WPI more than doubled the total number of pounds that it recycled (136,272 pounds) compared to 2009 (60,975 pounds)!
  • We more than doubled the number of pounds of recyclables that were collected per person (29.01 pounds) compared to 2009 (13.7 pounds)!
  • We achieved a recycling rate of 40.1%, compared to 32.2% in 2009. 

In April, the Massachusetts College & University Recycling Council recognized WPI, along with 20 other Massachusetts institutions, for participation and success in the Recylemania Competition.

View complete Recyclemania 2010 results(pdf) .

Recyclemania 2009

WPI participated in Recyclemania 2009 for the very first time, and did great! Results can be found here, but the following is a summary of our placement in this nationwide competition:

  • WPI collected  60,975 pounds of recyclables!

National and State Placements

  • National Grand Champion Prize:  WPI placed 63rd nationally out of 206 institutions; in the state, WPI placed 7th out of 13.
  • Per Capital Classic:  WPI placed 103rd out of 293 institutions nationally; in the state, 8th out of 17.
  • Waste Minimization:  WPI placed 67th out of 148 institutions nationally; in the state, 4th out of 8.
  • Gorilla prize:  WPI placed 172nd out of 293 institutions nationally; 8th out of 17 in the state.
  • Targeted Material – Paper:  WPI placed 40th out of 204 institutions nationally; 4th out of 10 in the state.
  • Targeted Material – Corrugated:  WPI placed 133rd out of 204 institutions nationally; 7th out of 9 in the state.
  • Targeted Material – Bottles and Cans:  WPI placed 126th out of 210 institutions nationally; 7th out of 9 in the state. 


Precyclemania is a WPI competition to promote recycling on campus before Recyclemania 2009 starts in January ( Different residence hall floors and houses interested in participating need to sign up and provide at least two volunteers who will be available to work with the Pre-cyclemania committee in taking the weekly measurements.

 Precyclemania 2010

Congratulations to the winner of Precyclemania 2010, Institute Hall, for recycling a total of 88.72 lbs over the course of 4 weeks!

In order to promote Recyclemania 2010 (, which started January 2010, the WPI Green Team held the second annual Precyclemania event during B-Term 09. Different residence Halls participated in the recycling competition this year for a chance of winning U$250 provided by the Office of the Provost.

For four weeks, our student Green Team collaborated with WPI Facilities in order to measure the bottles and cans recyclables in the Resident Halls. Results are in! CONTRATULATIONS TO INSTITUTET HALL!  

Precyclemania 2009

CONGRATULATIONS TO WINNERS of each of our three categories.

Residence Hall Commingled Bottled & Cans: 22 Schussler

Greek House Commingled Bottld and Cans: Phi Sigma Kappa

Resident Hall - Mixed Paper: Riley 2

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