One-Time Password Validation

This form is suitable for changing your password if you know your current password, including when your login is in the one time condition. If you have set your password by, or if you have had someone at CCC set a random password for you, then you must use the this password changing page, since it has an additional verification of your identity that the regular password changing page does not require.

If you know your password was not just reset to a random password, you can use the simpler password changing page which does not require that you enter your ID number. You can use this page to change your password at any time, but it does require that additional piece of information.

If you do not know your password, but you know your ID and registration PIN, you can use to set a password, after which you will need to use the one-time password changing page.

The owner of a group login can use this page to set the password of a group account.

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