Osseointegrated Implant Technology: Concerns and Hope

Roy Bloebaum, PhD

Osseointegrated Implant (OI) technology for direct skeletal attachment to an amputated limb is being developed for patients with limb loss. To date, over 2000 warfighters have lost limbs in the War on Terror, many with multiple limb loss and limited residual limb strength. Although the OI technology is being used clinically in Europe and England, infection complications are considered unacceptable (18-30%) leading to implant removal. The main emphasis of our current research is to develop a permanent skin seal at the implant skin interface. This approach would allow the natural protective skin barrier to prevent periprosthetic infection.

The presentation will review the current state of the art in this field and experimental approaches to address the limits of the current technology used in Europe and England.

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