Undergraduate Programs

The world needs expertise in life sciences, now more than ever. Lethal, chronic diseases such as cancer affect millions. Our population continues to age, requiring more scientific intervention. The search continues for renewable fuels and energy. All of these problems—and more—have potential solutions in biology and biotechnology.

An undergraduate degree in biology and biotechnology from WPI doesn’t just demonstrate knowledge in life sciences fields such as bioinformatics, bioprocess engineering, gene expression, developmental cell biology, tissue regeneration, plant physiology, and population genetics and evolution. Earning this degree demonstrates that you have real, hands-on experience, both through extensive lab work and by completing an MQP (Major Qualifying Project) in your senior year.

WPI’s project-based approach to learning is evident in the George I. Alden Life Sciences and Bioengineering Educational Center in Goddard Hall. The interdisciplinary Alden Center’s four floors are dedicated to undergraduate biology, biotechnology, biomedical engineering, chemistry, biochemistry, and chemical engineering programs.

At the Life Sciences and Bioengineering Center, located at Gateway Park, undergraduate students work on real-world problems in a state-of-the-art research facility, alongside partner organizations across industry and academia, as well as within interdisciplinary teams right here at WPI.