Pursuing Groundbreaking Discoveries – Together

Faculty members in the Computer Science department at WPI are mentors, researchers, and teachers. They are committed to educating the next generation of computer scientists, and they work closely with students on course work and projects in our state-of-the-art facilities.   These world-class laboratories and research spaces, offering the latest in high-tech computer instruments, lead to creative, imaginative, and inspired exploration for faculty members and students alike. In any one of our numerous computer science laboratories on campus, you’ll find students working side by side with principal investigators on cutting-edge discoveries that are relevant to our world right now - not years down the road.   Learn about a few of our innovative computer science laboratories and imagine the things you could discover here:

Applied Logic and Security Group (ALAS) Laboratory

The ALAS Group works to measure and understand privacy leakage on the Internet while investigating techniques to prevent it. The ALAS Lab has all the necessary equipment for researchers to collaborate on various problems related to security and applied logic, including issues of privacy,  network security, software engineering, software verification, and programming languages. The lab is equipped with state-of-the art Unix workstations, high-powered PCs, Macintoshes, and other computer equipment. Learn more…

Human Interaction in Virtual Environments (HIVE) Laboratory

The HIVE lab is designed for exploring next-generation user interface opportunities for virtual reality (VR) and gaming. While VR is commonly associated with games, research into VR environments is leading to significant breakthroughs in many other areas of business, industry and government. In the area of medicine, VR helps surgeons perform delicate procedures, provides immersion therapy for people suffering post-traumatic stress disorder, and helps stroke patients recover strength in affected limbs.  Automobile and aircraft makers use VR to speed up and improve product design, while the military relies on it for multiple training and operations uses.   The HIVE lab is well-appointed with the necessary tools to study the intricacies of VR, including computers, display devices, and input devices.  Some of the most cutting-edge equipment in use in the lab today, the TactaVest and TactaCage, was invented by Professor Rob Lindeman and is changing the way we think about virtual reality. Learn more…

Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) Laboratory

Robots are prevalent in manufacturing and industry, but they don’t have much direct interaction with humans – yet. If human-like robots are ever going to move freely among us in a broad range of situations (assisting the handicapped and elderly, conducting search-and-rescue operations, or playing roles in sales and entertainment), we will need to do more than make them safer; we will need to understand how to program them to collaborate with us smoothly and naturally. The HRI lab at WPI is ideally suited to study robotics, artificial intelligence, computational linguistics, and human-computer interaction. Much of the research being conducted in the lab is leading to improvements in face-to-face interaction between robots and humans. Discoveries are possible through the use of novel display devices, original input devices, motion-capture systems, and perhaps most importantly, Melvin – a unique, humanoid robot that has a moveable head and arms, an expressive face, plus a speaker, microphone array, and stereo camera that allow him to talk, hear, and see. Learn more…

Additional Facilities in Fuller Laboratories:

Name Room Phone - (508) 831-xxxx
ACM Sin Lab A23 5833
Adjuncts/Instructors Office 144 6470
Applied Logic and Security Lab 223 6795
ASSISTments 239 5005
AI & ITS Lab (AIRG & TRG) 312 5006
Beckett Conference Room 246  --
CREDIA Lab 140 5004
Database Systems Research Lab (DSRG) 319 5857
Database Systems Research Lab 2 (DSRG) 316 6136
Department Office 233 5357
Distributed Systems Lab (PEDS) 317 5777
Duplicating Room 242 5776 (FAX)
Graduate Student Lounge/Work Room 142  --
HIVE Lab B16 6617
Interaction Lab. B16 6617
Library 240 --
Machine Room A24 5668
Seminar Room 141 --
TA Office Hour Room A22 6749
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