Departments, Programs & Initiatives

Area of Study Division Program
Actuarial Mathematics  Arts & Sciences Undergraduate
Aerospace Engineering Engineering Undergraduate, Graduate 
Air Force Aerospace Studies   Undergraduate
Applied Mathematics  Arts & Sciences Graduate
Applied Statistics  Arts & Sciences Graduate
Architectural Engineering  Engineering Undergraduate  
Biochemistry  Arts & Sciences UndergraduateGraduate
Bioinformatics & Computational Biology Arts & Sciences Undergraduate, Graduate
Biology & Biotechnology Arts & Sciences Undergraduate, Graduate
Biomedical Engineering  Engineering Undergraduate, Graduate
Business Administration (MBA) School of Business Graduate
Chemical Engineering  Engineering UndergraduateGraduate
Chemistry Arts & Sciences UndergraduateGraduate
Civil Engineering  Engineering UndergraduateGraduate
Computer Science  Arts & Sciences UndergraduateGraduate
Construction Project Management Engineering Graduate
Communication Across the Curriculum Arts & Sciences  
Cybersecurity Arts & Sciences Graduate
Data Science Arts & Sciences Graduate
Drama/Theatre Arts & Sciences Concentration
Economics Arts & Sciences Undergraduate
Electrical & Computer Engineering Engineering Undergraduate, Graduate
English Arts & Sciences Concentration
Entrepreneurship School of Business Undergraduate
Environmental Engineering Engineering Undergraduate, Graduate
Environmental & Sustainability Studies  Arts & Sciences Undergraduate 
Financial Mathematics  Arts & Sciences Graduate
Fire Protection Engineering Engineering Graduate
German Arts & Sciences Concentration
Humanities & Arts  Arts & Sciences Undergraduate 
History Arts & Sciences Concentration
Industrial Engineering School of Business, Engineering  Undergraduate
Industrial Mathematics  Arts & Sciences Graduate
Information Technology School of Business Graduate
Interactive Media & Game Development Arts & Sciences UndergraduateGraduate
Interdisciplinary and Global Studies (IGSD)   Undergraduate
International Studies  Arts & Sciences Undergraduate 
Law & Technology Arts & Sciences Undergraduate
Learning Sciences and Technologies Arts & Sciences Graduate
Liberal Arts & Engineering  Arts & Sciences Undergraduate 
Literature Arts & Sciences Concentration
Management School of Business Undergraduate, Graduate
Management Engineering School of Business Undergraduate
Management Information Systems School of Business Undergraduate
Manufacturing Engineering Engineering Undergraduate, Graduate
Marketing & Technological Innovation School of Business Graduate
Mathematical Sciences  Arts & Sciences UndergraduateGraduate
Mathematics for Educators  Arts & Sciences Graduate 
Materials Process Engineering Engineering Graduate
Material Science & Engineering Engineering Graduate
Mechanical Engineering  Engineering Undergraduate, Graduate
Military Science    
Music Arts & Sciences Concentration
Nanoscience Arts & Sciences Undergraduate
Organizational Leadership School of Business Undergraduate
Operations Design & Leadership School of Business Graduate
Philosophy Arts & Sciences Concentration
Physics  Arts & Sciences UndergraduateGraduate
Political Science & Law Arts & Sciences Undergraduate
Power Systems Engineering Corporate & Professional Education, Engineering Graduate
Pre-Health Arts & Sciences Undergraduate
Pre-Law Arts & Sciences Undergraduate
Professional Writing Arts & Sciences Undergraduate
Psychology Arts & Sciences Undergraduate
Religion Arts & Sciences Concentration
Robotics Engineering  Arts & Sciences, Engineering Undergraduate, Graduate
Social Science Arts & Sciences Undergraduate 
Society, Technology & Policy Arts & Sciences Undergraduate
Sociology Arts & Sciences Undergraduate
Spanish Arts & Sciences Concentration
System Dynamics Arts & Sciences Undergraduate, Graduate
Systems Engineering Corporate & Professional Education, Engineering Graduate
Teacher Preparation Program Arts & Sciences Undergraduate
Writing & Rhetoric Arts & Sciences Concentration
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