Koerners Meet WPI 2012 Fellows

Dr. Robert Koerner and his wife, Paula Koerner, representing the Koerner Family Fellowships, which provide support for WPI engineering students, recently visited campus to give Koerner Fellows an opportunity to meet their benefactors.

The Koerner Family Fellowships provide support for WPI engineering students with a strong interest in pursuing teaching or research at an institution of higher education upon graduation.

Dr. Robert Koerner and his wife, Paula Koerner, recently visited WPI's campus to attend a special 2012 Koerner Fellows event. This intimate gathering gave the 2012 WPI Koerner Fellows a rare opportunity to meet their benefactors and to be able showcase their research at the historic Higgins House. A reception for the recipients and guests was followed by the WPI Koerner Graduate Fellows' presentations.

Dean Selçuk Güçeri and Engineering department heads and advisors were joined by special guest Dr. Mun Choi, interim provost and executive vice president for academic affairs at the University of Connecticut, along with the 2012 UConn Koerner Fellows. Ten WPI graduate and undergraduate students were awarded a Koerner Fellowship this year: (graduate) Abigail Charest, Tracy Gwyther, Scott Rockwell, Christopher Scully, and Kathleen Wang; (undergraduate) Adrianna Betancourt, Julie Bliss, Thomas Carlone, Artur Lebedev, and Mary McCorry. Julie Bliss, a graduating senior also received the NSF Graduate Fellowship to pursue her doctoral studies at WPI.

Please note photo to the right: From left, back row, Selçuk Güçeri, Thomas Carlone, Christopher Scully, Scott Rockwell, and Tracy Gwyther; front row, Julie Bliss, Abigail Charest, Paula Koerner, Robert Koerner, and Kathleen Wang.

September 6, 2012