IMGD Grad Student Takes 1st Place in Business and Social Science Category for GRAD 2014 Competition

Siavash Mortazavi received 1st place in the Business and Social Science category during the GRAD 2014: Innovation Exchange competition. His Project was entitled "Gaze as Input: A New Way to Play Games." A total of 65 master's and PhD candidates displayed posters describing their research in the finals of this poster celebration. The finalists were selected at an all-day open poster session on March 19th. Judges chose the winners on April 20th. All first-place winners received $500 cash awards; second-place winners received $200 awards; third-place winners received certificates.

Project Abstract:

With the advances of technology, gaze is becoming an attractive and viable interaction method in games increasingly. In particular, gaze is likely to provide a more intuitive and natural way to interact with certain types of games. However, little work has been done to design games that use gaze as an intuitive interaction method. Based on best practices in user experience design paradigm, this research project addresses this need via 3 distinct phases:  phase one, design a game in which gaze provides an intuitive interaction method, phase two, develop the game, and phase three, evaluate the experience of the newly developed gaze enabled game by comparing it to the experience obtained from using traditional methods of interaction with the same game, namely mouse and keyboard. The game designed and developed in this project is a memory game called “Cheshmack”, which allows a user to select objects on a computer screen with various control methods: gaze only, mouse only, gaze and blink, gaze and keyboard, mouse and click. To play this game the user is required to input a particular sequence by selecting objects on the screen via one of the above mentioned methods. The user experience of the game using various input controls was tested. The user experience of the game play was measured through multiple methods such as observations, interviews, and surveys.  


April 21, 2014

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