Industrial Projects

2003-04 Projects

Predicting the Number of Annual Customers at Four Local Funeral Homes

Sponsor: Pillsbury Funeral Home
Advisor: Jason D. Wilbur
Students: Emmanuel V. Go, Allison Joy Schafer

The purpose of this project was to forecast the future business of four funeral homes operated by Pillsbury Funeral Homes in the Worcester County area. The statistical knowledge and skills employed in this project include database design. data collection, exploratory data analysis, use of life tables and the US Census data, hypothesis testing and the fitting of linear models for estimation and prediction.

Operations Management for Outdoor Lighting Replacement

Sponsor: National Grid
Advisors: Alex Mango (National Grid), Andrew W. Swift, John Walter (National Grid)
Students: Laura Hayes, Patrick Malloy

This project sought to determine whether spot or group relamping would be a more efficient maintenance system for National Grid. Through interpolation and extrapolation of partial survival functions, we constructed a probability for the failure time of one lamp. We used rejection sampling to draw failure times from our density function, and completed the number of a group of lamps over a period of time. We were then able to estimate when spot or group replacement prevailed.

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