Each year, thousands of students compete for admission to medical, veterinary, and dental school. Like you, they all have exceptional grades, impressive test scores, and the desire to help others. What will set you apart from the crowd is an undergraduate degree from WPI, as well as participation in WPI’s Pre-Health Program.

We believe that the best medical professional is a well-rounded one. So you’ll be encouraged to follow your passion here. You can major in any of our 50 undergraduate programs, and still be able to take all the courses you need to apply for a graduate health professional program.

You won’t have to give up the hobbies you love, either. If participation in music, theater, athletics, or community service is what inspires you, we’ll offer the support and opportunities to help you fulfill those goals as well.

The Pre-Health Program at WPI is not your traditional path to professional school-and that is what makes all the difference.

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