What We Do at Camp

“I do not think I would have been as excited about engineering or even given it a chance if I had not been exposed to it at an early age.”

Jennifer Giard, Camp Reach ’01, TA ’06, and RA ’07 and ‘08
Ocean Engineering Major, University of Rhode Island

Discovery from breakfasts to “lights out”

Camp Reach days begin with breakfast at 7:30, and then you have an hour to connect with family and friends via email. From there, each day is jam-packed with discovery. You might design a pair of shoes and learn about engineering design and materials selection in the process. Ever think that making an ice cream sundae uses engineering concepts? Indeed, it does. At Camp Reach, you will be exposed to the engineering, math, and science concepts that are integral to everyday life. Expect to be so active all day long that you’ll welcome our strict “lights out” at 9:30 p.m. rule. Rules are important at Camp Reach—so we can assure everyone’s full participation, safety, and enjoyment.

Real-world design projects

Design projects are a major focus, and each is carefully selected by a real client in the community. Your team will meet with a customer from a Worcester area organization to learn about the problem and then work on a solution.  With the support of staff mentors, you will develop a solution, which will be implemented.  You’ll be invited back during the school year to see your solution at work. Among the projects completed:

  • modifying a bedroom for a disabled child
  • designing a recycling program for a business
  • solving problems are playgrounds
  • creating a computer workstation for an adult day program
  • recommending trail improvements at a local wildlife sanctuary
  • developing a landscape beautification plan for a homeless shelter

On field trips, and in recreational and social activities, you’ll meet new people, learn new things, and by all accounts have a lot of fun. Trips will be made to the design project customers and to visit engineers in industry.

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