Real World Projects

WPI project-enriched learning: four years, four projects.

WPI’s groundbreaking approach to education combines theoretical study with hands-on project requirements. This project-based approach gives WPI students the opportunity to gain professional skills, a talent for teamwork, and the confidence to dive right in, no matter the challenge. It’s these skills—real-world experience and the ability to work collaboratively—that set WPI graduates apart from their peers.

Through project work our students find solutions to real-world problems, explore works of art, music, or literature, and fuse textbook knowledge with their own unique genius to create something the world has never seen.

The Four Projects

Great Problems Seminars (first year):  Prepares first year students for our unique project-enriched curriculum and serves as an introduction to university-level research.  Problem solving comes out of the textbook and into the real world by focusing students on themes of global importance, as they tackle some of the world's most pressing concerns.

Humanities & Arts Project (sophomore year): Encourages students to find their inner artist, musician, philosopher… on campus or at locations abroad.

Interactive Qualifying Project (junior year): Brings together students from various disciplines who work in teams, either on campus or at our project centers located around the globe. Using science, technology, and engineering, our students solve problems that matter to real people and real communities.

Major Qualifying Project (senior year): Provides students nearing graduation the opportunity to gain real-world design or research experience within their major field—developing skills along the way that employers and graduate schools require.