Advisory Boards

WPI seeks to become the premier institution providing the broad, technologically based education required to prepare professionals for an increasingly interdependent, interdisciplinary and interactive world. We place the highest value on a learning environment in which all professionals are deeply committed to students. Our project-based curriculum provides every student with international opportunities, and our faculty of teacher-scholars is committed to discovering and transferring new knowledge through disciplinary and pedagogical scholarship. The WPI community has a firm commitment to diversity and a respect for institutional history and tradition. It also strives to develop new ideas and practices for the benefit of society.

The experience and counsel of national and international leaders in the various disciplines and professions taught and studied at WPI can provide valuable insights and perspectives on the issues facing these individual programs. Accordingly, advisory boards have been formed that meet at least annually with the members of their departments or programs. Board members are given information on plans for both the department or program and WPI as a whole. They are invited to respond with advice that will help develop existing and new fields of endeavor. In addition, advisory board members assist in identifying the resources required to achieve the strategic goals of the department or program. The sage counsel of these eminent professionals is an important element in the planning and development of our mission and vision.

The counsel of an advisory board is usually shared with the respective department or program head, the president, and the provost, who act upon and share it with members of the department and other WPI administrators. These individuals may call upon advisory board members to play active roles in achieving the goals of a department or program. We are grateful to all the members of these advisory boards who give so generously of their time and experience. They are essential resources in WPI's mission to prepare creative leaders for the 21st century.

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