Job Search Safety

If you feel uncomfortable about a job opportunity that you find on websites, do not click on any links, apply or provide any personal information. Things to be wary of:

  • Offers you a job with little or no interaction with you.
  • Offers a large amount of money for a little work or payment before work has been completed.
  • Requests personal information such as your social Security Number, bank account or credit card information, copies of passport, license or other personal documents.
  • Requests you to make any type of wire transfer from one account to another.
  • Employer uses a personal email address instead of a company email address.
  • Post includes multiple spelling and grammatical errors.  

Should you find any of these issues within the WPI Job Finder system, please contact a CDC team member immediately at +1-508-831-5260 or

The CDC cannot control the quality, safety or legality of jobs or resumes on-campus or off. Neither can we guarantee the accuracy of postings or the ability of employers to provide job offers or candidates to fulfill those roles. If a dispute occurs, the CDC is released from claims, demands and damages, both direct and indirect. Above all, use common sense and caution on Job Finder and any others you may find.

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