Parking & Traffic


Parking on WPI's Campus property is a privilege extended to members of the WPI community who have registered their vehicles with the WPI Police Department, in accordance with WPI's Parking and Traffic Regulations. These parking and traffic regulations apply to all personnel including all faculty, staff, students and other persons who operate any motor vehicles on campus or other land of the College.

These traffic regulations have been established in an effort to maintain a clear and safe path for all Campus Community members and visitors. The implementation of these regulations by no means is meant to hinder and/or deter parking on campus. Their purpose is to encourage the safe operation of motor vehicles while on campus, to maintain emergency vehicle access, to assist with pedestrian safety, and to maintain parking consistency.  

All WPI faculty, staff, students, conferees, guests, and groups who operate any motor vehicles on campus or other land belonging to the university, are required to read, understand, and abide by the traffic rules and regulations as outlined in this brochure and upon posted signage. 

 Because of the limited number of parking spaces on campus, registered vehicles are not guaranteed a parking space. Parking is on a first come, first served basis.

Table of Contents

  • Vehicle Registration, Parking Permits
  • Campus Parking Areas 
  • Abandoned Vehicles 
  • Snow Removal Policy 
  • Towing and Booting Policies 
  • Parking/Traffic Rules, Enforcement and Appeals 
  • SNAP and Gateway Shuttles 

Please Drive Safely

Maximum Speed Limit on all Campus Roadways and Parking areas: 15 miles per hour unless otherwise posted

Any Person found defacing, removing, or attempting to remove or in the unlawful possession of WPI owned property (signage, barriers, equipment or other inventory) will be subject to a $150 fine.

Immediately report all crimes and emergencies to the WPI Campus Police by calling +1-508-831-5555. (Including: MV accidents, damage to vehicles, thefts or attempted thefts)

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WPI Parking Permit Application

This form must be filled out and returned to Campus Police in order to obtain a decal for your vehicle.


If you have questions about parking, please contact us directly at +1-508-831-5433.