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Creating a PDF File from Multiple Files

Benefits of Creating a Single PDF File from Multiple Files

Merging Multiple Files

  1. Click on File - Create - Combine Files into a Single PDF....
  2. Click the Add Files button on the window that appears or drag and drop the files you want to merge into the PDF file. Choose Single PDF or PDF Portfolio to package your files into a flash-based portfolio.
  3. After you have added all the files, you may rearrange their order, choose subsets of pages within each of the individual files, and choose the quality of the PDF you are creating.
  4. Click Combine Files to start the process of creating the PDF file.
    The speed at which the PDF file is created is dependent upon the number of files being merged, and the size of each respective file.


Specialty and international fonts, as well as unusual document formatting, may not be accurately treated when converting files into PDF format. For assistance with this, please visit the ATC in Gordon Library 225.

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