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Getting Started with Courses Checklist

The checklist below helps you work through the basic steps needed to get your course site up and running.

Request the Course Site
Use the myWPI Course Activation Form to request your course site. Course requests are processed within two business days and a confirmation is sent to you upon creation of the course.
Check Recycled Content
If you requested a course site from a previous term to be recycled, go through it to delete content you don't need in the current term and make sure that only the items you want to be available to students at the beginning of the course are available.
Set the Course Menu and Determine Tool Availability
Review the course menu to make sure the menu names make sense for your course. Delete (or make unavailable) menu items you will not use and add additional menu items you will be using, if appropriate. Having appropriately named menu items and only the menu items that are necessary makes it easier to navigate in your course. You can also change the appearance of the course menu. Additionally, you can determine the available of the tools that are listed in the Course Tools and Communication areas. See the Setting Up the Course Menu and Site Features
Organize the Site for Easy Navigation
Students can quickly get confused in course sites that are not well organized. For tips on organizing your site, see the Best Practices for myWPI Site Design
Request Access for Course Staff
If you will have TAs or course builders working on the course site and you did not request access for them when you requested the course site, send a message to with the names, usernames, and course status (TA or course builder) of each person.
Make the Course Site Available
By default, all course sites are unavailable to students when they are created to allow instructors a chance to work on the course site before students can see it. On or before the first day of the term/semester, you should make your course site available so students can access it. See the Make a myWPI Site Available or Unavailable to Students topic for details.
Notify Students
The course schedules on the Registrar's website show which courses have myWPI sites, but students may still not realize your course is using myWPI. Make sure you let students know that you are using myWPI and that you expect them to check the site.


If you have questions or need help with myWPI, check the myWPI How-to Center or contact the myWPI Help team at

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