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Sony “Handy Cam” Instructions

These instructions apply to the Sony "Handy Cam" camcorders that are available for checkout from the ATC.

Insert the Battery

The Handy Cam uses a NP-FM70 battery. To insert the battery:

Insert the Tape

The Handy Cam uses a Mini DV tape. To insert the tape:

Tape Settings: Record or Save

Mini DV tapes can be set to either a Record or Save mode. The Record mode allows you to record on the tape and the Save mode prevents recording so you can be sure that nothing will be recorded over what has already been recorded on the tape.

Camera Menu: Use and Settings

Camera Display


Attaching an external XLR adapter shoe for a microphone

This is an optional accessory. You must obtain an adapter shoe in order to use an external microphone kit. To use the adapter shoe:


In order to transfer video from the camcorder to a computer if you are not using an edit suite with a tape deck, you will need a Fire Wire Cable 4 Pin.

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