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Assigning Multimedia Projects to Students

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Assigning Multimedia Projects

Digital communication, literacy, and collaboration skills are becoming increasingly more important in the 21st century. Multimedia projects can aid in addressing some of these 21st skills. The format of the multimedia project offers an opportunity for students to approach a project in a way that is relevant and familiar to how they gather, integrate, and synthesize information. They address some of the skills students need to communicate and collaborate in a digital format. Multimedia projects can challenge a student to go further in their exploration of a topic by applying higher order thinking skills to their project. By encouraging students to explore the topic at hand, synthesize the relevant information, and evaluate the most effective way to communicate the pertinent information, instructors encourage student to apply higher order thinking skills to their projects. Rather than just paraphrasing information, students must critically analyze the presentation of their solution to present an effective end product.

Multimedia projects are projects that combine multiple media types (e.g. text, audio, video, pictures, graphics, etc.) into a single cohesive presentation. Multimedia projects can vary in complexity from poster creation or screen cast to the student creation of a movie or a digital story exploring the topic being studied. While Multimedia projects are not entirely new to the classroom, new and emerging digital tools have made them easier than ever.

Learning may be demonstrated either through the process of creation of their multimedia project or through the content presented in their project.  The process of planning for and creating a multimedia project requires critical thinking and problem solving on the part of the student and the process is often evaluated as part of the student’s grade in conjunction with the content evaluation.  Multimedia projects can demonstrate a student's learning or understanding of a topic in creative ways. The resources presented are not intended to be comprehensive, but we hope they inspire you to approach your project creatively and take advantage of the resources the ATC has available to support your project.

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