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Google Spreadsheets

What can I use Spreadsheets for?

Google Spreadsheets can be used for data collection, analysis, and chart creation. You must have a Google account to create Spreadsheets or use other Google applications.


Google Apps is not a WPI-supported resource. If you have questions, please do not contact the Help Desk.

Setting up a Google Spreadsheet

  1. Log in to your Google Docs account by navigating to
  2. Under the New menu, select Spreadsheet.
  3. Your new Unsaved spreadsheet appears on the next page
  4. The spreadsheet can easily be saved and named all in one step by clicking on the current spreadsheet title.
  5. Enter the new spreadsheet title in the message box.
  6. To edit the spreadsheet click on a cell and begin typing. Your changes are saved as you progress.


You can use formulas in Google Spreadsheets to enter equations and perform calculations. Use the Formulas tab to access more information!

Adding a chart to your spreadsheet

  1. Log in to your Google Docs account by navigating to and locate your Spreadsheet in the list of your Google documents. Click on the document name to open it.

  2. Highlight the date you would like to graph.
  3. Click on the chart icon on the right hand side of the menu bar.
  4. Select Chart. . . from the drop down menu. On the Create chart screen:
    • Select the type of chart you would like to create by clicking on the appropriate icon under the What Type? heading.
    • Enter the appropriate Axis labels and Chart title in the text boxes under the Labels heading.
    • Check that the appropriate data is selected in the What data? section.
    • Click Save chart to save and produce your chart.

Document Sharing and Revision History

Sharing and revision history are also available for Google Spreadsheets! For more information see Sharing documents and Revision History on the Google Documents page.

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